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  1. It is a B30 and I am 5'8". I have always had B35's and the B30 is tiny in comparison. I guess my SA is right about getting me to use smaller bags.
  2. Just beautiful, so glad to hear about the scratch going away.
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  3. I perfectly understand ;)
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  4. I have almond-shaped nails and was sitting with Ms BF on my lap someone said hi and when I went to grab the handles I raked my nail all across the whole back. Hard. The only tiny mark I could even see I was able to instantly rub out. BF is amazing.
    Also, y’all probably think I’m abusive to my sweet BF haha. She’s been dripped on, splashed with water, scratched... and you would never be able to tell. It’s just a wonderful leather.
  5. That is so good to hear. It seems that it handles scratches better than Barenia.
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  6. Yup, that was part of H’s objective when coming up with this new Barenia iteration. Mission achieved!
  7. Hi there
    Would you mind passing on the name of your SA in vegas? She sounds truly wonderful...
    Appreciate it, thx
  8. Does any one have/has anyone seen a BF with a 2018 stamp? I purchased mine in March and it is an “A” and my SA showed me a B30 a couple weeks ago that was also an “A” - just wondering if BF was a limited 2017 item (as some outlets suggest) of if will continue being offered in 2018.
  9. Mine is also an ‘A’ stamped one, purchased in late Feb 2018
  10. Mine is a C stamp, which is 2018.
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  12. Wonderful, thank you!
  13. A stamp, January 2018
  14. Was it purchased in the US or France?
  15. Thank you!
    US. Last weekend.
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