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  1. Since this is a new leather, and sister to the classic barenia, I thought it might be a good idea to start a separate thread for it.
    This way the owners of this new leather can share tips, tricks, storage and show pics of the evolution and ask/be asked questions about this new darling in the Hermes world! IMG_0333.jpg
  2. Love your bag too!!
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  3. Great idea! As a new BF owner looking forward to all the tips and tricks! Here is my new BF B35! IMG_1736.jpg
  4. @okiern1981, thank you for starting this thread, can’t wait to share the evolution of my BF and learn new tricks along the way.
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  5. Love your B30!!
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  6. Thank you everyone! I figured we needed our own space so we wouldn’t hijack the other threads.
    I think it’ll be a good resource for others considering this fantastic leather and we can share our experience going forward
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  7. Sooo gorgeous! Makes me drool for one, too! Would love a wallet or card case in this leather...
  8. This thread will be my undoing. :shocked: Thanks assassin! ;)
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  9. Have you guys seen a kelly in this leather?
  10. I have not!
  11. No, not yet....
  12. the white stitching is gorgeous!
  13. Thanks! I would think this will be equally gorgeous in a Kelly!
  14. Agreed.. BF in Kelly 35 or 40 would be a dream! :heart: I'll have to ask my SA to keep an eye out for me.... if it at all exists.
  15. I think someone mentioned storage in another thread the other day...this is how I store MINE...not saying I’m right and someone else is wrong, this is my preference. IMG_1521136215.516316.jpg IMG_1521136253.020317.jpg

    I store mine upright in my closet, with dust bag, closed and bag insert/stuffed.