Everything Barenia Faubourg

  1. Congratulations!
  2. Queen B and Queen B. I will take more photos after she is groomed. 20180530_155553.jpg
  3. I am just thinking if anyone was offered a BF Birkin in size 25 before? I’m thinking of the next B/K/C to ask my SA.
  4. Think 30 is the smallest size offered as of now. I’d be all over a 25 in BF.
  5. Soooooooo....... cute!
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  6. Here are the pictures after their BAFF.

    20180530_184346.jpg IMG_20180530_191114_955.jpg IMG_20180530_191047_918.jpg
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  8. Ohh...I want B25! I will just ask my SA. Maybe she is my lucky charm and gets me one? Haha
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  10. Oh my goodness! Your pups are the cutest! And the “barkin”, too!

    Gosh, who comes up with these ideas?
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  11. My first booboo!!! IMG_0017.jpg
  12. Oh no!! What happened?? So so sorry! I know all too well how that first one feels it’s just part of her story now.
  13. I was house hunting with a friend...so it must have bumped against a wall or something. Initial panic has ended, and it’s like...oh well moving on! After the first one it’s like, phew...the worry is over.
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