Everything Barenia Faubourg

  1. Thank you! And I think you’ve named her! I name all
    my birkins, and she’s been going by BeeBee, but Dulce works better!
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  2. Looking good! Such a lovely bag. I’m inspired to get mine out and use, but alas just getting back from travel tonight and have a business trip Tuesday. Sigh. Might be another week before I get to break her out.
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  3. Love this!!
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  4. Actually, I called her Fufú!!! :blush:
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  5. Cookie of the Day Barenia Faubourg edition. IMG_20180709_091357_610.jpg
  6. Yaaaassss! You do cookies and I do (Miz) crackers!
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  7. I just adore your cookie/B posts!
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  8. I love the food + bag combo p*rn shots.
    Thank you. I simply LOVE to eat.
  9. Thank you dear cavalla..
  10. TeeCee.. thats gorgeous!!! are these the same twillies you were looking for before?
  11. Thank you! They are the same pattern, but a different colorway. They were online last week, but I don’t see them now. I can look for the tag or receipt if you want to know the colorway.
  12. Yes pretty pleaseee if you dont mind sharing the colorway.. thanx TeeCee!
  13. IMG_2814.jpg IMG_2813.jpg
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  14. Thaanxx TeeCee...!!!
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  15. Just had to report, that yesterday was my little roulis’s maiden voyage and within two hours she was marked when I washed my hands and used hand lotion! gah, I immediately cringed, but when I got home three hours later, the oil stains had nearly disappeared. And 24 hours later, they are completely gone! I am gonna love this little BF bag.:heart: