Does your DH wear his wedding band?

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  1. My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years...and he stopped wearing his ring a few years ago. I don't mind...but don't think he would like it if I stopped wearing my ring!
  2. For my case, it's the DH wears his ring all the time except when he's at home. I'm the one who hardly wear my ring. I only wear them for special occasions like birthday or anniversary dinners.
  3. We've been married for a year and a half, and DH wears his all the time. He only takes it off to shower, swim, or lift weights. He is on his second ring, though--first one was lost in an airport bathroom two months after our wedding.
  4. Not an urban legend. I've seen the result... eeew.

    But this was a "bad guy" running away from the cops - jumped a chain link fence and left his finger behind. He didn't realise until the adrenaline stopped pumping.

    Aaanyway. My hubby wears his sometimes, sometimes not.
    He lost his original one in the sea in Hawaii and our daughter was really upset. She seemed to think we weren't married anymore, bless her. So we bought another one in a hurry there. It wasn't so nice or nearly so special. And doesn't fit so well

    The times he doesn't wear it is when he has manual labour to do at work. And then sometimes he forgets to put it on.

    Makes no odds to me, I know we're married, so does he :biggrin:
  5. my DH wears his all the time, only takes it off when he is cooking or working on cars . Im the one who sometimes leave it at home lol :P
  6. We aren't married but theres a good chance after college we will be. He has already said he isn't fond of rings but I feel he should wear one. I guess I have a few more years to convince him. But I know if i didn't wear my future ring he'd be upset.
  7. I grew up among kind of traditional families with traditional gender roles. A lot of the dads felt it was more important to wear their rings to signal they were taken when they were out, meanwhile a lot of moms who stayed home, did a lot of housework, mostly hung out with kids and other moms did not wear theirs.

    I don't wear rings because I used to play music pretty seriously and jewelry + instrument = no. I'm not married, but whatever happens in my life, rings and long fingernails I could never get used to.
  8. My hubby removes it when he showers, other than that, he wears it all the time.
  9. DH wears his ring all the time. It is very rare that he ever takes it off. Poor guy has fingers that are larger at the bottom than the top so his ring is a little tight so it won't fall off. He has a permanent almost scar around his ring finger. He is proud of it, I think he should let his skin breathe every once in awhile, lol. Both of our dads wear their wedding rings but only my mom wears hers.

    I wear mine during the day, usually after I shower. I take it off most nights because it fell off one night and I'm afraid of losing it. I can handle not wearing it at home but I feel naked if I leave without it.

    DH was originally against the whole upgrading thing, but I've switched from yellow gold to white gold and my original ering was "broke college student", so we went withe an entirely new ring. I did keep my original wedding band for sentimental reasons. I've purchased him a new wedding ring as well. Our bands matched 20 years ago but I bought him a two tone ring. He has kept his original wedding band in his jewelry drawer.
  10. all the time.. i don't think he even takes it off for showering or anything.. i don't think he can actually slip it off his knuckles anymore.. we've been married for 2 years.
  11. My DF is a chef so he won't be wearing it when he's at work. We brought a 20'' platinum chain so he can wear the ring on his neck.
  12. 24/'s been on ever since the wedding as that was four months ago. His knuckles are pretty big too so slipping the ring off would require some elbow grease.
  13. Mine does too
  14. My husband wears his every day. He was really excited to get it, and he loves having it on. He only takes it off to do dishes or clean the bathroom, and when he works out (it bothers him for some reason...I think because his hands get sweaty?)
  15. My DH LOVES wearing his wedding band and has been wearing it non-stop since getting married.