Does your DH wear his wedding band?

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  1. Mine does and we always notice when guys don't. . .
    I wonder why they don't?
    Does your's wear his?
  2. Mine wears his too, but women still hit on him ;)

    My father never wore his though. Why? I haven't a clue, but it was never a problem b/c he knew "who he was" kwim?? And it was never an issue for my Mom.

    We discuss this sometimes at work. Many women feel that wedding bands are an "attraction" or magnet for single women who crave stability and someone they can't have.....a challenge if you will. Others feel it makes no difference.

    Some men simply don't like wearing included.
  3. We are in the process of buying him a new ring, right now he is wearing his fathers old wedding ring. He loves wearing it and loves everyone to know we are married. LOL. Now he can't wear any kind of jewelry to work, it is a saftey hazzard.

    Swany what kind of ring does your hubby wear, mine hates jewelry but we are looking for a half polished and half matte platium band.
  4. No, my DH does not!

    He is not a jewelry guy at all and never has been. He is a police officer and he claims he is afraid to wear it while on duty because of the infamous cop urban legend...a cop (wearing a wedding ring) is running after a bad guy and as he attempts to jump a wood fence, his ring finger gets stuck between the fence slats and the finger either breaks or tears off. Ridiculous, right?!

    He does try to wear it on his days off. It used to bother me but I don't really care anymore. I trust him completely and know he wouldn't ever cheat on me. I'm a cop too and have my own guns :whistle: I'm just sayin'...
  5. DH wears his. :yes: It's the first (and only) piece of jewelry he's ever worn in his life and when he gets his ring cleaned at Tiffany he says he feels naked without it. :smile:
  6. my father doesn't, he hates jewelry. my grandfather bought him this beautiful 24k signet ring with diamonds that say his first initial, never wore it once. if i had a husband though I would like him to wear something but thats just me.
  7. DH wears his-not too much a jewelry guy, but he feels naked with out it.

    My father never wore his-he hates jewelry and has never worn any. I've haven't even ever seen it-I assume it's in a safe deposit box.
  8. Yes. My dh always wears his. However, his father never did because his father used to farm and wearing a ring can be dangerous when a person works with machinery. But FIL always put his ring back on whenever he was back in the house or whenever he went somewhere.
  9. My DH is totally not a jewelry guy either. He's been wearing suits since I met him 16 yrs ago and I literally finally convinced the guy to wear some cuff links this past year.
    I get some people aren't jewelry people. . . . wonder if guys who don't wear them would like it if their wife didn't? Would it bother them?

    sjunky, my poor DH . . . LOL!
    When we got married he chose a plain gold band. When I got pregnant w/ my twins my finger swelled so we picked up a thick band at James Avery for me to wear during pregnancy. He liked it so we bought him a matching one!
    So he wears a thick silver band - it actually looks even like plat that people comment on it. He's so generous buying me jewelry that I bring it up pretty often asking him to please choose a new band for me to get for him.
    But because he's not a jewelry kid of guy nothing really ever sticks out to him :Push:

    I've tried to talk him into titanium, a little bit of bling, etc. . . .

    I want my DH to wear his, not because of trust issues or anything like that, but just because. It's symbolic to me.
  10. always
  11. I think that's the point. It's a symbol of love and commitment.
  12. Aww! Right now he is wearing a YG ring, so we need the new ring. I am looking into alternative metals too. I love that he loves when I wear my rings and holds my hand and looks at them. Plus he is like your ring is dirty let me clean it. He takes pride in it and that makes me happy. BTW when do we see your new ring?:nuts:
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  14. DH does.

    My father never has; he doesn't wear any jewelry except for a watch. I asked about it once and he said his brother was wearing a ring and a jack fell on his hand and they had to cut the ring off.

    I know a lot of the men around here work on the oil rigs & fishing boats and they don't wear rings for safety reasons.
  15. Mine does that too. He still fondles my ring a lot actually slips it off my finger and just checks it out for a few minutes and tells me how much he loves it and having it on my finger. . . .

    Leon told me second half of January . . . . . I'm dying!!!!
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