Does your DH wear his wedding band?

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  1. The hubs always wears his, unless he's dyeing his hair. Not sure why he takes it off then, as the dye isn't going to hurt it. I wear mine almost all the time. If I'm cooking or baking certain things I'll take them off (so they won't get caked with flour, or dough, or whatever) and I usually don't wear them in the shower, either. Other than that, my rings stay on. Oh, wait. When I'm using some cosmetics, like lotion, I take them off.

    It's just not acceptable to either of us for the other to not wear the rings!
  2. My DH always wears his. He's not a jewelry guy, but he likes the symbol. Never takes it off.

    My dad never wore his wedding it never really phased me when men don't wear a wedding ring. I work with mostly all men and I'd say most men in my generation wear rings....from what I've observed.
  3. My husband doesn't wear a wedding ring - he doesn't have a wedding ring!

    He's phobic about rings on fingers, actually, he panics that the finger will swell and the ring will get stuck and need to be cut off. It's not just his own fingers either - he literally can't watch me putting on/taking off my rings. We practiced him slipping my wedding ring onto my finger in the weeks before the ceremony so he wouldn't freak out - even so he only managed it on the day, none of the practice runs were wholly successful.

    There was no way I was going to push him into something which made him so uncomfortable - that's not what loving each other enough to get married was about! And I don't really mind that he doesn't have a ring, it doesn't mean we're any less committed to each other (and wearing a ring hasn't stopped a number of work colleagues cheating).

    Neither of our fathers wear wedding rings, I think it's more in vogue these days.
  4. Lol Wordsworth, did he see something when he was younger that made him phobic about rings? My uncle tore his arm open when a power tool caught on his metal wristwatch so I've only bought watches with leather straps! Some day I will conquer this silly fear. I don't use power tools. Incidentally he also knicked the tip of his thumb with a buzz saw. He's an attorney but he builds furniture and set pieces in his spare time.
  5. he dont because he's been putting on weight n the ring is too tight for him but i am thinking of asking him to get it resize so he can wear it to office!

    but well i also didnt wear mine. i have sensitive skin. if i wear it and use soap etc, i tend to have rashes around the ring and fingers area.
  6. Yes, my DH does. He is not a jewelry person at all and it is literally the only piece of jewelry he's ever worn in his 31 years.
  7. my dh is a police officer, so he doesn't when he's working. there's lots of scary stories about guys losing fingers on the job...jumping fences and getting their rings snagged, etc. he also doesn't like to reveal personal details to his "clients". he does where it when he's not working though (when he remembers).
  8. DH feels this way. He doesnt want me to upgrade, because then it wont be the origional stone we got married with. He also doesnt want me to change the bands b/c we had them engraved. I'm trying to convince him to let me upgrade and make a set of earrings out of my current stone. That way I still technically have it! :P
  9. DH is in the military and works on the flight line, so there is NO jewelry allowed. He wears it on weekends or if we go out though.
  10. My DH lost his ring :crybaby:
  11. My husband wears his everyday
  12. Everyday. I've only ever seen him take it off to dry his hands.
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    DF and I are getting married next August and he's already saying he's not going to wear his. I don't know if he's kidding or what... I bought him a simple white gold ring a few years ago but I think he only wore it for a month.
  15. My husband always wears his. Both of our fathers wear theirs too.