Does your DH wear his wedding band?

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  1. My DH isn't a jewelry kind of guy either, but he does like a nice watch! :smile: He wears a watch and his wedding band everyday. He takes them off as soon as he gets home and puts them on whenever he leaves, unless he is going to do something athletic or outdoorsy. I love jewelry, but I also do the same.

    My father and FIL both wear theirs, I don't think they ever take theirs off.

    My mother is recently remarried and neither she nor her new husband are wearing their bands. I don't really know why, I think she doesn't like wearing a ring and same for him. She does wear other jewelry though, I think her everyday standards are her white J-12 and platinum and diamond Tiffany's Atlas earrings, so it's not like she doesn't like jewelry, funny! :smile:
  2. Yes he does wear it 24/7, plain gold band he picked out. (Not a jewelry wearer either. Watrch & wedding ring)
    Its been off only twice both times going into life saving surgeries.
  3. that is so funny because i'm the one who rarely (if ever) wears a wedding ring while i'm playing tennis, but when my husband is playing tennis he leaves his on. however, when he's playing rugby (which isn't much anymore), he always takes it off. you definitely don't want to wear jewelry while playing rugby. :nogood:

    otherwise, that's the ONLY time in the 16 years we have been married that he has taken it off—during a rugby game.

    it's also just a plain YG band. nothing fancy at all. he wanted it to be as thin as possible so it wouldn't bug him since he wasn't used to wearing jewelry.

    and since he is not a jewelry guy at all, he won't even wear a watch. i would give anything to buy him a nice watch, but he won't wear it. i'm surprised knowing how much he hates jewelry that he even wears his ring everyday, but he does. it's so scratched up that i told him during the holidays that we should bring it into our jeweler and have them polish it up for him. i don't think he cares either way.

    he also doesn't care if i am not wearing my ring either. there are many occasions where i prefer not to wear one (while playing tennis, working out, skiing, etc.) and he could care less. i love that he's so confident! ;)
  4. Used to wear his but he has lost 3 rings taking them on and off to wash hands, surgeries, checking patients that he has decided he isn't worthy of wearing any rings as he can't take care of them. I have to agree that with his profession and absent mindedness he should not wear one but I would like him to wear one.
  5. My dad never wore one, he works in construction and for many years could not wear a ring for safety reasons. Now he is not in the field as much and probably could wear one, but he's not in the habit and my stepmom doesn't mind, so why bother? I believe that my FIL wears his, although I haven't really noticed. Both of my BILs wear theirs.

    DH wears his every day. He says it bothers him when he's typing a lot so sometimes he takes it off at work, and he'll often take it off when he's at home. He fidgets with it a lot, too! It seems like as the months go on (we're married less than one year), he's playing with it less and leaving it on more when he's at home. I like that he wears it, it makes me smile every time I see it on his hand :smile:
  6. Mine is wearing it 24/7!! :yes:
  7. Mine has never worn any jewelry or watch, but he has been wearing his wedding ring 24/7 since I put it on his finger when we got married - I find that very sexy and endearing.
  8. My DF and I discussed the wearing of the wedding ring and he decided that he was going to wear his 24/7. I had asked him how he felt about him wearing it and he told me that he would prefer if he wore it all the time. I've been married before and my ex-husband NEVER wore his wedding ring. It always slightly bothered me, like he was trying to tell others that he WASN'T married, maybe it was me being neurotic, but I had good reason to think that, because I caught him cheating on me with co-worker!

    DF is not much a jewelry person, but regardless of my opinion he said he would have worn it all the time. And that makes me feel good!
  9. The replies are so interesting!
  10. Would be interesting to find out how long everybody has been married and whether the length of the marriage has any bearing on whether or not they or their partners still wear their rings ...
  11. We've been married for 12 yrs - he always/still wears his.
  12. mine wears his.... he has four or five diff bands and was so excited when we were getting married to buy different bands to go with different occasions! haha. like he has a couple blah one (ceramic, white gold, copper) and a DY black diamond one for when he wears a suit. haha. kind of funny. he always wears a band.

    his brother, however, works in construction and doesn't want to wear his band for fear it would get caught on machinery. so he wears a chain with the ring on it, under his clothes.
  13. He loves wearing it...he even wore it as an engagement ring (on the right hand, as is customary here). Only takes it off at night and at the gym.
  14. Always!
  15. My DH 24/7 wears his wedding band our marriage 10 years.