Does your DH wear his wedding band?

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  1. To sum it up........looks like our fathers (and mothers) did not care much about wearing the band, but our husbands (at least some of them) all honesty, wearing it or not does not mean anything..........if the true connection is there, why need the ring? if it's missing - the ring is not going to save it. IMO, as usual :smile:
  2. My DH wears his all the time and he does very heavy work with his hands. His ring is very thick - it is 3 rings put together with rivits (sp?). It has worn a hard piece on his hand but he would not be with out it. We have been married 5 years. He lost it once and searched for hours until he found it as to him, "another would not be the same".

    I love the ring he chose as I have never seen another like it (and I like that it is bold and screams "I'm married!" ):P
  3. We've been married almost 11 years and my DH has hardly ever worn his.
  4. we've been married 4 yrs now..hubby generally does'nt like wearing any jewellery or watches..but he'll wear his wedding ring and watch whenever he goes out, when he's in the house he'll take off his watch and ring...i'm more sappy and always wear my rings
  5. I got married very young and we didn't have much money so I just got a cheap gold band with three tiny diamonds in it. I really wish I'd thought more about how long I'd have to wear it because I really hate it now and never wear yellow gold! So my wedding ring resides in a box.

    Hmmm, there's an interesting question ... would YOU still wear your wedding band if you outgrew it and didn't like the look of it any more?
  6. That's probably a good question for it's own thread :yes:
  7. I'm on the case ... ! :biggrin:
  8. :ghi5:
  9. Absolutely.

    A ring makes the marriage "official" & lets the rest of the world know you & he are "taken"

    That said, the wedding band isn't a "ball & chain", kwim? If my DH didn't wear one, I wouldn't feel any less married. I think women are more into the rings b/c we like jewelry in general......& what better reason than a marriage to get some faboo jewels???!!
  10. It's just symbolic to some. Surely no one is naive enough to believe it literally makes a difference.
    Some are sentimental about the exact stone their DH gave them and will never "upgrade", others are sentimental about it's meaning, not the stone itself. Same w/ this IMO.
    It matters to some, not to others. Neither is right or wrong.
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  11. fact, he has two. I had the first one made using some small diamonds from a ring I had (they are set into the metal flush - like the Tiffany Etoile). Problem is, he likes to bang his ring on the steering wheel in the car in time to the music...after he lost several diamonds, I decided I was tired of replacing them, so I bought him a white gold band without stones. He wears that one daily and wears the other when we go out (if he remembers to change rings).
  12. My dad has always worn his (ive never seen it off!) and my hubby also wears his ... he has never worn any jewellery ever before.

    I take my rings off the minute i get home but DH wears his till bed time ... he notices if i forget mine too :P
  13. mine always does :smile:
  14. also wanted to add that i have never seen my father wear his wedding ring. for years my mother said he lost it but then several years ago, it was in my mom's jewelry box so when i asked her whose ring it was she said it was my dad's. i guess she felt it was easier to just tell that little white lie instead of the truth. weird.

    anyway, i have his original ring now and had it sized down and sometimes (not often) when i'm playing tennis or working out, i'll wear it just to have a plain gold band. but mostly i won't wear anything during those activities.
  15. we have been married for 16 years—never takes it off except when he plays rugby.