Does your DH wear his wedding band?

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  1. Yes, everyday. And he better for that ring cost me a pretty penny!
  2. DH wears his on Valentines and our anni haha. He can't stand anything on his skin thats tight. So no jewelry at all or tight collar clothing.
  3. My DH never wears his. He said rings and watches irritate his skin.
  4. Every day, 24/7. He has three, though. One for work only, one for dressy occasions and one for traveling.
  5. DH only wears his on the weekend or when he's off work ie hoildays.

    It would be a health hazard for DH to wear his at work.

    I wear mine everyday except for when i'm in the shower/doing dishes/sleeping.
  6. Yes, 24/7
  7. No, he's a bit too chubby for it now :lol:
  8. My husband only wears his on days off. Any other time he better have it on :devil:
  9. Yes.. except when he's at home.. actually both of us take our rings off when we're lounging around the house. :smile:
  10. Nope
  11. Always. Except when he's lifting weights at the gym.
  12. Same here ! ( a platinum Cartier love band ). He loved it instantly even though he doesn't really love brands he loves Cartier ;)
  13. no band no watch :hrmm:
  14. No he doesn't . It sits in my jewelry box beside my father's ring.
  15. My husband has some family jewelry he wears (a signet ring with his initial, a chain his father gave him) that he always wears. We went through a really rough patch about two years ago after we immigrated (well, he immigrated and I came home) from Australia. The upshot was that we sold any and everything we thought we could get two dimes for to get through a couple of months before he got his green card and could work. So, our wedding rings went. I insisted he keep the signet ring and chain (irreplaceable) and he insisted I keep my mother's watch (same reason) but we sold everything else. Paid rent and he got his green card and is now working a good job, so all's well that ends well. I have two old silver rings I wear but he has nothing.
    We are shopping and he will wear it cause he used to always wear his old band. He just likes a plain gold band.
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