Does your DH wear his wedding band?

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  1. Yes, except at work .
  2. My DH does, he's as bad as me when it comes to upgrades as well. His current wedding band is a titanium tension ring with a .40ish BGD signature diamond. I have created a monster!
  3. Ha ha yes! My man got a gorgeous Cartier platinum too. Great taste.
  4. My husband doesn't wear his; safety reasons. I'm not bothered by it...
  5. My DH doesn't wear his.... It doesn't bother me any more :smile:
  6. My husband has been wearing his 24/7 for 22 years now.
  7. nope. not at all.

    i barely wear mine. lol

    ultimately, a ring isn't going to make someone be a better husband. its in the heart, and i know my hubby loves me regardless, and he's not the flirting type lol.. he's the non-jewelry type - he can't even wear watches! which sucks cuz the first gift i ever got him was a watch and it cost a pretty penny lol..

    but yeah.. he doesn't.. its w/e to me to be honest..

    but we do have a good laugh when we're watching a show or a movie in which someone loses their ring down the drain and their spouse thinks they're cheating lol.