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  1. Hi all! Sorry! I forgot to ask in my earlier post if anyone knows how much the mini book tote will be in the US? My SA said she thinks it will be around $2,400, but she’s not sure. Has anyone pre-ordered this and what was the cost? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi! Looks like the classic monogram oblique are $2200 and the limited edition ones will be $2400
    IMG_4417.JPG IMG_4418.JPG
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  3. Hi! Thank you! My SA just sent this to me today. ☺️

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  4. Does any know how much the Medium Diorama in Calfskin is in Singapore?
  5. Has anyone seen the book tote in Heathrow? If so, cost?? Thank you!
  6. Can anyone tell me the current price of a my lady Dior in Paris right now?
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  7. Does anyone know the current price of a medium Lady Dior in Euros (in Spain)? Last update I can find is of March 2019 and it is 3,350 euros.
  8. Could anyone please advise the latest price for the LD (Mini & Small) in Australia?
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    Hi All!

    Can anyone tell me the price of the 30 Montaigne Oblique canvas in Canadian dollars? Also the Diorquake Oblique Clutch?

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi this is the correct price for Europe. 3.550€ for the ultra mat
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  11. Thank you! I don't know if the ultra matte is typically more expensive that the classic LD, but this is a good guideline!
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  12. Don't hesitate to PM me in case you need other stuff prices :smile:
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  13. Thank you do you know the current price of the jadior in calfskin in regular size in Malaysia?
  14. Does anyone know how much is the gusseted style card holder in Canada? TIA!
  15. Does anyone know how much the Diorama WOC is in Australia?