Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. A while back the U.S. website didn't list prices, but now it does. It does make decisions easier to make now that I know how much the pieces cost.
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  2. Right? So much easier to plot and drool!
  3. What is the price of the Lady Dior and the Supple Lady Dior in Canada (medium size) does anybody know?
  4. Does anyone know how much a lady dior in alligator costs with all the sizes?
  5. Hello everyone,
    Does anyone know when a price increase will be happening? I saw in another thread that someone said their SA said next Monday but she wasn’t completely sure if that was true. I was hoping someone had some more information because I am looking to purchase the Lady Dior bag and would like to get it before the price increase.

    Thank you. ☺️
  6. I just went to the boutique and the SA said tomorrow or Wednesday, the prices will increase $300 Does Dior always increase the price yearly as Chanel?
  7. In the last year Dior has had multiple increases...personally I think it's a bit too much especially when US prices are already higher than Europe. Right now a medium lady Dior is $4450 USD. With sales tax that would be anywhere from $4600-4900.

    The same bag in the U.K. Is £3200 (equals ~$4083) and in France its €3350 (~$3833). Mind you this is without the VAT refund! I am not looking to buy one in the near future but if I do it will most likely be on a trip to Europe so I can save a decent amount.
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  8. I have confirmed with US Dior SA, only saddle bag is going to increase 150 to 200, not other bags
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  9. Is the European price no longer €3200? Did I miss a price increase or just read it wrong initially?
  10. hi

    do you guys know the price for mini lady dior lambskin in australia? thank you
  11. I just posted this in the general chat thread, but I think this thread might be more appropriate:

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with how Dior prices in Japan to compare to other countries (particularly Australia)? I know Asian countries tend to be more expensive than Australia (which is already expensive) for most designer brands, but I wasn’t sure if that rule applied to Dior as well. Thanks for your help!! :flowers:
  12. Anyone know the price for mini lady dior in Singapore? TIA!
  13. $4700 chain strap version
  14. $4,500 chain strap version
  15. Hi
    Anyone know the price for Dior saddle bag in Australia?