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  1. what is the price of medium in Tokyo and is the price inclusive of vat
  2. has anyone heard anything about an upcoming price hike?

  3. #1563 Mar 22, 2019
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
    This week when i visited my boutique (europe) the SA told me that the tribal earrings had gone up in price. Also saw someone mentioning on IG some bags will be going up in price too... i don’t one which ones tho.
  4. Hi ,

    Are Dior bags cheaper in Hawaii ( like Gucci or LV) please!

    Anyone any insight ??
  5. Yes, I heard it is 10% less.
  6. Would anyone be able to share how much is a medium lady Dior in Australia?
  7. Yes, at DFS. On top of that, no tax!
  8. I had trip to hawaii last December. I only got small cardholder, but cheaper than mainland, plus I do not need to pay sales tax as Adrian said :smile: I am kinda regret that I didn't get purse. Enjoy!
  9. Thanks heaps for your reply
  10. My SA told me the calfskin ones are 5800 AUD . Not sure about Lambskin.

    Also just fyi Lady Dior prices are going to be increased end of this month or early next month. I think even tribale earrings are going up in price
  11. Thanks heaps
  12. Thanks for the info
  13. Hi all! Does anyone know how much the book tote and the mini book tote is in Japan?
  14. The all black is a different price because of the material.

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  15. Thank you!
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