Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. My SA reports that the Lady Dior matte collection is going up by $300 in US.
    Anyone know about the mini saddle increase?
  2. I got this from iG

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  3. Not sure about Europe, sorry.
  4. Its official the website reflects the new price increase on the new oblique saddle.
  5. I don't remember the old price; how steep was the increase?
  6. When I compare the prices right now it’s “bye bye US Dior” for me.

    Even if one has to pay US duty the savings are a $1000+ per bag. Europe is the way to go for now! (and has been for a few years actually).
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  7. They were a little under $3k and are now the same price as the leather version.
  8. Thanks for the info!
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  9. The price of the "Saddle bag Dior Oblique" has been increased by 300 euros at the beginning of the week ...
  10. Medium lady dior is going up by 600 AUD (6400 aud) and small Lady dior increase by 700 AUD (5900 AUD) tomorrow 7 am in Australia
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  11. I think the Lady Dior on US website just increase like $100+ or so. I remember 2 years ago I bought Small Lady Dior was around 3450 in US, now 3950. It's $500 increase in 2 years. That's a little too much. I want to buy 2 more LD but I'll just save up to go to Europe to make it happen.
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  12. Does anyone know the prices of mitzvahs in Canada? Were these affected by the price increase?
  13. My Lady Dior price increased by SGD200 in Singapore. Now its SGD5,600
  14. Hi Kristy, thanks for the info. Can u pls share what size is this? And if u know how much the matte collection has gone up? TIA
  15. Hi Amy, my lady dior is in small size :smile:
    I didn't look at the matte bag hence not sure the price before and now...