Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. Thank you
  2. My Lady Dior medium size is SGD$6,200.00 (I know, because I just bought one :nuts:). And I just checked the matte collection (also medium), it's SG$6,600.00.
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  3. Hi CrazyCool,

    Just wondering if you know how often and by how much roughly (percentage/dollar) does Dior increase its Lady Dior prices in Australia? I’m thinking of getting black My Lady Dior, is it difficult to score one from the boutique?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  4. Just purchased a My ABCD Lady Dior (small lady Dior) in black lambskin&light gold hardware for €3200 in Paris
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  5. @Mrs.Churros - Really Sorry! i dint reply to your question.. Dior hasn't increased their Lady Dior prices for a while now ,,and recently did .. Glad you purchased yours :smile: enjoy
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  6. No worries CrazyCool :smile: thanks for replying. Yes so glad to purchase mine. My cousin was in Paris for business trip and luckily he managed to get it for me as it is much cheaper there than in Australia.
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  7. Hi Dior Lovers in Singapore... would appreciate if anyone could share the price of 30 Montaigne (1) Clutch and (2) Chain Wallet? Thanks in advance :flowers:
  8. Would someone be able to share the price of a WoC diorama with studs? Gold hardware on navy or black in the UK? It is around $2100 in the US. Have a UK trip coming up and wondering if would be cheaper there.
    Something like this picture.

    Attached Files:

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  9. Does anybody know the prices of Dior in Turkey or at the Istanbul airport. Lady dior mini or any bag.
  10. Was just in the Hong Kong airport and the SA said that the 30 Montaigne is having a price increase in the new year by a few thousand HKD (can't remember the exact amount but that should translate to a $300+ price increase minimum).

    Honestly wasn't planning on making the purchase at all and had JUST got the bag on my radar, and wanted to wait till a Europe trip next year before making any bag purchase but when faced with
    i) that news
    ii) only piece in the boutique and apparently it is always sold out (the stories SAs tell, lol)
    iii) flight boarding in 20min and had to make a snap decision

    What was I supposed to do?!!?!?

    For reference, the 30 Montaigne Oblique was 24500HKD. Definitely feels like I overpaid compared to in Europe...! Hopefully it's a big price increase lol. FYI Hong Kong has no tax.

    For those who are thinking of it - run before the price increase hits!
  11. Let me know if you find out, I’m planning to buy a mini lady Dior and would appreciate any information on the price or availability of the white lambskin
  12. Does anyone know the price of small and large book tote in Europe and Taiwan ?
  13. Hi anyone knows, price of medium lotus lambskin wallet in Singapore?
  14. Oblique embroidered saddle SGD5,300 (price given by SA on 4 Jan)
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  15. Anyone knows the price of Medium Saddle in oblique in Singapore and Malaysia? Thank you in advance!