Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. #1 Jun 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2012
  2. June 2011

    LD medium AUD 3,400
    New Lock small AUD 2,250
  3. australia

    granville small tote : 2800
    medium lady dior (classic one)- 3300
  4. France Lady Dior medium 2100eu
    1.Lady Dior Lambskin Medium $3400
    2.Soft Dior Shopping Tote $2800
    3.Panarea Tote Medium $1250
    4.Panarea Messenger $1300
    5.Charming Lock Messenger $1400
    6.Lady Dior Large Wallet $820
  6. July 2011


    burgundy patent 6 key holder $260 CAD
  7. Can i ask question here?

    I am new for Dior, Does anyone know the price of :

    - Lady Dior "10 Lambskin,Patent Leather,Silver Hardware-Howmuch for EUR and GBP
    - Lady Dior "12 Lambskin,Patent Leather,Silver Hardware-Howmuch for EUR and GBP

    where is the best palce to by Dior UK or France or Italy?
  8. Australia
    Dior Granville Large-$3200
  9. Singapore:

    Large LD = SGD5,000
    Medium LD = SGD4,200

    All inclusive of 7% goods and service tax

  10. Just to clarify,

    I was at Dior @ mbs last wed and saw the medium brown patent ld at $4400. I am new to Dior so will like to whether the prices vary for the LDs?

  11. Granville small in HK = HK$22,000
    Granville small in Singapore = S$3,700

    Anyone know the price in Italy or paris?
  12. Apologies, the Medium LD is SGD4,400 while the Large is SGD5,000 (both inclusive of 7% GST)
  13. may i know the price for lady dior in evening (small) and medium size in europe? and please quote the price is before or after vat return..

    thank you so much
  14. New Lock small AUD 2,250
    Dior Granville Large 3,200
  15. Mini Lady Dior without zip cost SGD$3,000