Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. May i know what is the price for my abc dior in the heathrow airport?
  2. The Small Book Tote is 285,000 Japanese yen, FYI.
  3. Confirming that the price for w classic medium LD in Europe is €3350!
  4. Hi! How much is the price in singapore for the jadior slingbacks flats patent leather thanks!

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  5. My sa is telling me dior saddle and lady are going up soon in the us. Anyone else have intel they can confirm? TIA!
  6. Anyone knows the price of dior oblique bucket bag? Couldn't find info on the website
  7. Confirmed with my SA also, 10/8 is the date.
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  8. Thank you. Did your sa mention by how much the lady Diors are going up?
  9. I just got a text from my SA here in Canada and yes the price increase is coming Tuesday, Oct 8
    Glad I got my lady Dior before the increase. Anyone else knows what else is going up?
  10. I think mine was 2950 USD when I bought it a few months ago. Not sure it it went up yet, but I don’t think so... such a great bag!
  11. My ladys in US will be 3950
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  12. Do you know how much the saddle bag will go up?
  13. Here also confirmed, on Tuesday Oct 8 Lady Dior and Saddle bag will have price increase in U.S.
  14. Does anybody know if there will be an increase in Europe as well? :sad:
  15. That’s not terrible, a $100 difference.