Dancing with the Stars- Season 10

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  1. Wonder who the 11th is???
  2. I really think Kate will get hell for being on the show instead of home with her kids....
  3. #63 Mar 1, 2010
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2010
    Buzz Aldrin
    Kate Gosselin (I feel foul writing her name with Buzz Aldrin)
    Niecy (sp??) Nash
    Evan Lysacek
    Shannen Daherty
    Chad Ochocinco
    Pamela Anderson
    Aiden Turner
    Erin Andrews
    Nicole from PSD

    So... who are you rooting for??

    Evan and Nicole can obviously dance somewhat...
    Buzz Aldrin is 80 years old... wow. How old was Cloris Leachman when she was on?
  4. Chad Ochiocinco
    The ESPN lady
    Pam Anderson
  5. Wow I might have to actually skip a season of DWTS. There's not one person on that list that interests me!!! Oh I lied I love Neicy Nash. I have a hard time believing she will go very far though. Shannon Doherty doesn't even strike me as a dancing in the club type, let alone a ballroom dancer. $hit job on the casting ABC!!!
  6. OMG Jake is on dancing! WHATEVER
  7. I think tpf needs a "jumping the shark" smiley....

  8. Kate Gosselin??? WTH?????
  9. I don't like this cast. Boring.
  10. Wait for real???? In that case I really am going to have to skip it.
  11. Yes, for real.
  12. Cuz he wasn't the world's most boring Bachelor, now he needs to be the world's most boring dancer. ABC done lost their damn minds.
  13. LOL.....maybe he will go quickly
  14. :true:
    She is/was VERY unprofessional..a huge pain..her attitude sucked..
    good riddence!

    I used to love this show..
    after last season, I vowed Id never watch it again..

    If Pammy is booked..I'll be watching..
    I know everyone trashes her on the net, but I've heard over the years from people that have worked with her or have met her..
    that she's really nice and never had any sort of DIVA attitude..
    a very likable gal that has a few problems, but this hasn't affected how she treats people..no one is perfect.

    She'll rock those costumes!

    Go Pammy!:yahoo:
  15. Seriously I can't imagine him having any sort of rhythm whatsoever.