Dancing with the Stars- Season 10

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  1. I loved Lacey - I may not watch now.
  2. oh god. Not Vanessa Minillo!!!! Anyone but her!
  3. I loved Drew Lachey when he filled in for Samantha!

    I can't believe Lacey's not going to be on this season. She was one of my favorite pros- I loved how she was edgy and really pushed the choreography. I hope they don't ask Anna back (Michael Irvin's partner)...she was awful!
  4. I heard Melissa got the job.
  5. I kinda suspected that when I saw that she and Tom Bergeron were going to announce the new cast next week (during the Bachelor finale). I figured that in addition to the dancers/celebrities, they'd announce Samantha's replacement (and why would she do it if it wasn't her?)

    I know she has a lot of fans, but I'm sorry I just can't see her as a co-host. She's too inexperienced and (sorry!) almost as annoying as Samantha
  6. I just don't see her being as the type that can think on her feet and come back with any funny quips when they are needed. I have a feeling I am going to find her super annoying. First Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, then The Bachelor, then Dancing with the Stars as competitor and now Dancing with the Stars hostess. How many 15 minutes of fame does she need??
  7. Ew I hope Melissa doesn't get it. She isn't even a celebrity. I was a fan of her on the Bachelor but that was the Bachelor.
  8. a long one apparently..
  9. I'm really surprised that Nancy O'Dell isn't doing it (guess I don't know that for sure, but of all the names tossed around, I've heard the least about her). She just seemed to be perfect for that - she's got plenty of experience, she can think quickly (w/o a script), be soft-hearted (when needed) and in control (when they get nuts). She's very likable and would be a good "straight-man" to Tom's silliness. When I heard that Samantha was leaving, she was the first person I thought of that would be perfect to fill that spot - and the timing seemed right too, since she had just left Access Hollywood to pursue other projects - oh well.
  10. ^ I don't like Nancy O'Dell's overly polished, forceful way of speaking with a big smile on her face and camera loving style. :P

    I just read that they asked Scary Spice to audition. I don't like her deep mannish voice, I find it annoying.

    I have no idea who I want for the job. Someone smart and funny, that's for sure.
  11. I just read that Danielle Fishel (Topanga from Boy Meets World) might on the show.
  12. It sounds like she's after an hour! :lol:
  13. Karina and Jonathan are out this season too.

    Are they cutting down the number of celebrities this season?? I hope so, last season (14??) were too much
  14. I would love to see her on there!!!

    sabbiee they are supposed to be cutting down to 12 celebrities this season.
  15. I am really disappointed. The show seems like it will be changing a lot. Will Cheryl and Kim be back?