Dancing with the Stars- Season 10

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  1. I wanna know the odds on how many dance steps it will take in rehearsal for Kate to start verbally abusing her partner.

    I hope she gets Maxsim. The unaired footage would be enough for a separate reality show.

  2. How tall is Kate? Max is taller so one of the taller women will be with him.
    It would be great tv if max and kate were together!!!!
    I think Neacy Nash is pretty tall though.
  3. I want to see Chad Ochocinco...Steelers fan here but I like him...he's friggin' hilarious. You all should follow him on Twitter. :biggrin:

    Kate Gosselin will need to leave quickly. :rolleyes:
  4. And OMG, I would love to see Kate Gosselin with Maks. He wouldn't take any of her crap. :lol:
  5. Since when did Kate Gosselin become a "STAR?" Please... I'm so over her.
  6. Poor Tony. I like him. Maybe Kate will be good
  7. Just saw Maks is with Erin Andrews
  8. Ochocinco is with Cheryl, Shannen is with Mark Ballas, Jake is with Chelsea Hightower,
    Aiden Turner with Edyta Sliwinska
  9. So funny how he got his last name he uses now. DH is a HUGE NFL fan.
  10. Wow ABC is slumming it up hard with this cast.
    Kate?? are you kidding me? GROSS
    I hope she's gone SOON
  11. Buzz Aldrin- Ashely DeGrosso

    Pam Anderson- Damian Whitewood

    Erin Andrews- Maks

    Shannen Doherty- Mark Ballas

    Kate Gosselin- Tony

    Evan Lysacek- Anna

    Chad Ochocinco- Cheryl

    Jake- Chelsie

    Nicole- Derek

    Aiden- Edyta

    Niecy- Louis Van Amstel

    So... I guess Derek is going to the finale again? Tired of him. Poor Tony, I guess he's the only one patient enough to handle Kate. I wanted Evan with Edyta, she's been in 10 seasons, atleast let her win something.

    I miss Dmitry and Kim Johnson!
  12. I am so ridiculously disappointed with these contestants. I honestly don't even think I'll watch this season, and I was SOOOOOOOO excited about the new season before. :sad:
  13. I'm actually excited to see Kate dancing.
  14. I'm actually more disappointed that Kym Johnson and Karina aren't going to be on, than
    the lousey contestants.