Dancing with the Stars- Season 10

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  1. she's soooo funny on The Dish!
  2. Mark (or Marc) Consuelos rumored to be going on as well. Either him or some daytime drama alum from All My Children?? (whichever he was on). Eye candy... except maybe Kelly will be there all the time
  3. Tomorrow they are announcing the new cast. Can't wait!
  4. I've heard rumors that Kate Gosselin and Pamela Anderson could be in this seasons lineup just what they need,a has been an a wannbe :yucky:.
  5. Where will it be announced? I am so excited!

    UPDATE: The cast will be announced on the Bachelor finale tonight!

  6. I just heard this too - seriously? Kate Gosselin? Lord, I hope not!! (I don't think that's true tho -- doesn't she have some book tour coming up?)

    I also heard Jennifer Grey's name tossed out there - and they didn't mention any names, but said a "retired football hero" and possibly another Olympian

    I heard that Mark's been asked before but that he's turned it down. Maybe he finally said yes. I think he would be fun on that show! I've always really liked him!
  7. RadarOnline, March 1, 2010
    ************fffff]Related:[/COLOR] News, Reality News, Kate Gosselin
    The rumors are true!
    RadarOnline.com has exclusively confirmed that reality TV supermom Kate Gosselin will be one of the celebs joining the ninth season of "Dancing With The Stars."

    According to another recent article she has been working on her tan and sprucing up her new hair extensions :roflmfao:.This broads 15 minutes of fame should have ended back in 2005.:throwup:
  8. I wonder if Evan Lysacek will be a contestant? Worlds are this month and he's skipping them.
  9. #55 Mar 1, 2010
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    wrong info...
  10. Chad Ochocinco????? No freakin way.....he's crazy! wide receiver for Bengals.
  11. Did they announce this when I went to refill my water glass? lol. I'm so disappointed that I missed it.
  12. I didn't see anything yet:shrugs:
  13. Neicy Nash should be interesting and hottie Aiden Turner from All My Children!
  14. Kate Gosselin, omg LOL