Dancing with the Stars- Season 10

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  1. Hmmmm. do you think maybe Nancy O'Dell might take her place? She recently left Access Hollywood to pursue other projects and I know she's always felt an attachment to DWTS since she had to pull out due to a knee injury. Honestly, I think she would be a GREAT replacement and addition to this series.
  2. ^^
    great idea! My first thought was "Yes! Drew Lachey is back!"
  3. Nancy O'Dell would be good and so would Melissa Rycroft. I think they need a woman (or at least a guy who isn't funny) since Tom Bergeron is so funny and witty.
  4. Good I am glad that Samantha is gone, I used to keep the remote in hand because she is so obnoxious. I cant stand her, its like she thought she was emceeing a wrestling match with how she screamed in to the mic. YUK!!

    Rumor is ABC is making a deal with Paula for some show but she has to appear on DWTS next season. I doubt its true cause she is a real dancer. That would not be fair at all.
  5. OMG! That wouldn't be at all fair! It would be like making Christina Aguilera a contestant on American Idol.
  6. Now they're saying Paula is in talks to replace Samantha as co-host. Am I the only one who thinks its crazy??

    $1M for that??!!

  7. That's the first thing I thought. He was great as her replacement a few seasons back.
  8. maybe I'll actually start tuning back in. she just used to irritate me so much- I had to either mute the tv or walk away whenever she came on.
  9. Has the cast been announced?

  10. I read that rumor was it was down to Melissa Rycroft, Brooke Burke or Vanessa Minnillo

    although a few days earlier, Nancy O'Dell and E's Ashlan Gorse were still being considered

    so I don't think they've decided anything yet
    altho I think Nancy O'Dell would be the perfect choice - she's the least obnoxious of all the ones named so far and the most professional by far. I just can't picture Melissa Rycroft, Vanessa Minnillo or Brooke Burke filling that spot. They don't have the personable skills needed to both flatter and sympathize with the contestants as they come off the dance floor.
  11. I hope they don't pick Melissa - I just find her way too annoying. Then again Samantha never bothered me at all. I absolutely LOVED Drew when he did his guest stinting.
  12. i hear Pam Anderson may be on...
  13. Brooke was on the 2 seasons of Rock Star and she was ok but totally scripted--she never had to think on her feet. Drew Lachey was great when he filled in for Samantha.

    I read that Paula Abdul was floated as a possibility for contestant, but that can't be possible. She's a professional dancer and choreographer.