CeeJay's Take on the 2013 FW Colors!

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  1. Generally speaking, Balenciaga does a "pre"-[season] - where they release certain colors and then their "main" collection. If I recall, the Bal boutique associates indicated that the Ultraviolet was part of the "main" collection. As such, I expect that they will start arriving in the boutiques (only) in August. Larger Balenciaga retailers will (likely) start getting them in later August and early September, with the rest of them likely getting them in September.
  2. I saw the Cigar Fonce again .. when back in Boston (at Barneys/Copley), and have not revised my opinion .. definitely not my cup of tea. However, I do agree that it does look like a "moist Hershey bar" and if that's the color you want, then Cigar Fonce should do the trick for you. Yet again, Balenciaga provided a pic that made it look like there were some olive undertones .. nope!

    Yes, the Rouge Cardinal is nice, just not my type of Red (and besides, I think of all the Balenciaga Red's .. I'm only missing 3 - '03 Red, '04 Red and '09 Poupre), so god knows .. I don't need more!! :graucho: [sure, sure ...]

    If I were a neutral gal, the Beige Nougatine would be a must .. it's really a beautiful neutral and looked fab with the gold hardware. I totally agree on the Tournesol though, gold hardware on a already VERY (screaming) yellow bag .. doooiiinnnngggg! :wacko:

    Rose Peche is also very pretty (especially with the Gold HW); I'm just not a pastel color lover (that's just me).
  3. I haven't seen Beige Nougatine irl yet - what do you think about it compared to Cumin, from last year? Which one would be a 'more' neutral color?
  4. Hi Ceejay - I went to see Cigar Fonce at bal store. This was my second time to see it. I am not sure if I like it. I think it looks best with RH, but the color does have some red undertone. I will give this a pass.
  5. I'm beginning to think that this color really depends on the lighting. In most cases, it looks very deep brown .. and then in other cases, it appears to have an undertone. Either way, it's not on my list ...
  6. Thank you CeeJay for your impressions!
    I finally saw a few of the new colours in real life.
    Cigar Foncé is actually very foncé :smile: a very deep brown not to my liking, I prefer lighter/more golden browns.

    Rouge Cardinal is a nice point of red...close to Chinese laquer red, just a tad lighter. I didn't like it at all with GGH (got a "fake" impression but it could have been the lighting in the store), liked it much more with RH. Regrettably, RT is still my holy grail red, with Sang as a second choice.

    Rose Peche looks good with GGH, too much Miss Bon Ton though to agree with my style :biggrin:
  7. I agree. I also think it may be the leather. I have seen it in a mini pompom and a work with mGGH and a part time in RH at one bal store. And mini pompom looks good whereas the other two don't. Then I saw the town in RH and a city with mGGH in another bal store. The town looks good whereas the city looks like plastics. Lighting in the two stores is different. But there is also something about the leather.
  8. I also think that the leather and the color depend not only on the lighting but also on the model of each bag. And this is not for 2013 bags but last year's as well. You can never tell that is why I never order my bags anymore not knowing what I will eventually get. The leather can be dry or plastic like or whatever.
  9. Hi Cat,

    You are right. It is better to see the bag and color real life before getting it.

    Did you get a chance to see the new colors?

  10. Thanks Cee Jay.:tup:

    Great review & it help. I was so confused before because I ordered my 13th Bal a Rouge Cardinal Day without knowing or seeing the colour with my own eyes. :faint::confused1::panic:
  11. No, Lara unfortunately it seems we are the last to see the new colors here in Greece. If it weren't for the PF I wouldn't have know Balenciaga. I went to our shops here and the only things I saw in the windows were decorations of paper bags and only one Giant Black. Probably because of the crisis people are buying less Bals and I can understand that, but I wish they would allow Greece to order online which is not possible. We have a Boutique, I know the SA there and she would have informed me if we had any news. Also two shops of the same owner which as I told you have decorations. It really is a pity. I wish Balenciaga was owned by French people here, then maybe we would have a chance.
  12. Hi Cee Jay! Will definitely consider an Ultraviolet city!! However I was wondering if you saw any black 2013 cities
    yet and what you feel about them? I am new to Bal and since you seem like an expert, just wanted to know your thoughts on this year. Thanks!
  13. Love your intel - thanks! Some of the new FW2013 bags are trickling in but have not seen Tournesol yet. Curry + Mangue bags are still left over on the shelf though. Do you think Tournesol is warmer, more golden than Mangue? I bought a Mangue Velo in Feb but returned her because I wasn't thrilled with dry thin leather vs price tag. Have not given up 100% though :graucho:
  14. :wave: CeeJay - Hi there!
    I just wondered if you'd heard of any 'limited editions' for fall?
    I missed out on the holiday/hamilton black city :sad: and stupidly sold a lizard print black city :cry: - both of which I would dearly die for.....
    I'm hoping there may be a different kind of black city coming out that you may have heard about??
  15. Hi Mere!
    No, I haven't heard of any special/limited editions as of yet .. but Balenciaga usually does some form of a holiday line. I just hope that they don't do it with the newly designed A.Wang "Le Dix" .. which, IMO .. is a TOTAL JOKE!