CeeJay's Take on the 2013 FW Colors!

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  1. Great review Cee-Jay, really appreciate it, esp as you know all the bal colours through the seasons. :tup:
  2. Spotted the CF with mggh at Neimans Boston - looked like a moist Hershey's bar! They also had the RC - a gorgie red but the leather wasn't as scrumptious - and the beige and the pink. Still waiting (impatiently) for ultraviolet!!
  3. totally off topic but wanted to say I love your bullie baby pic!
  4. OMG I love your bully too!! He's so handsome!
  5. No, Ruby (Rubisse) was more of a "cherry" Red (definite blue undertones) .. Rouge Cardinal is not like that at all.
  6. Yes, this is a color that needs to be seen IRL .. and if possible, in the light (the Bal boutiques are always so dark!).
  7. I agree; alas .. what I saw had the silver HW and IMO, it was not a good combination.
  8. I saw it at the store yesterday and was sooo disappointed. It's orangey. :sad:
  9. Thanks Cee Jay.

    That was a great review. I am waiting to get my 4 th Bal bag, ( I have a regular seigle city, a regular black city and a mini giant black velo )

    Saw a photo of Cigar fonce on Mytheresa, thought I'd go for that . Or maybe Nougat?:smile:
  10. CeeJay - I went to NM today and saw the new colors IRL. I was not a fan of the Cigar Fonce leather as well. Very flat. They had a Velo with GGH and i didn't like the leather with GGH. It did look much better with the RH IMO.

    The Beige Nougatine was very pretty as well as the new RED. Loved the new RED actually!
    Rose Peche was lovely!
    For some reason the yellow did not appeal to me. The only one I saw was with GGH and it was not a happy pairing. RH would be nice I think.
  11. I also prefer the RH on Balenciaga yellow bags. The Giant doesn't show that well. The RH makes a beautiful contrast.
  12. Is Cigare Fonce kinda look like the '05 Chocolate?

    Haven't had the time to check out Barney's and BG yet..
  13. I don't think so, no. Chocolate has more depth to it even though it's very dark. The Cigar Fonce I saw looked flat and boring.
  14. :smile:Thanks for that!

    I have a Chocolate and love it to death but it looks like it's close to retirement lol. Would love to have a BN Bbag that is close to that color, and hoping for the same leather. Yeah, I'm asking too much lol.
  15. I'm in the same boat. My 05 Chocolate's been through hell and back this last year. But yeah, Cigar Fonce isn't an alternative for me :nogood: