CeeJay's Take on the 2013 FW Colors!

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  1. As most of you probably know, I've been a Balenciaga collector since the beginning (2001 Le Dix), so I'm pretty familiar with all of the colors of the past. As such, took a side trip to the Balenciaga boutique in LA (Melrose) to get an "up-close-&-personal" viewing of the new 2013 F/W colors. Here is my assessment (mind you, the boutique is rather dark .. so, I had to keep on going outside :sunshine:to see the 'true' colors!!).

    • Noir - well, not much to say here .. the same as always
    • Anthracite - not a true grey IMO; seemed to have a bit of a blue/green undertone (albeit - not like the '07 Anthracite which had very definite blue/green undertones)
    • Beige Nougatine - nice, IMO .. more reminiscent of the '07 Oatmeal/Mastic (which was really pretty - especially with Gold HW), a more 'warm' beige than Sahara and Praline
    • Cigare Fonce - I had really big hopes for this color, thought that maybe .. Balenciaga would repeat the wonderful '07 Vert Fonce .. NOPE! I was very disappointed in this color .. it's very dark (fonce means 'dark'), and had a definite red/blue undertone to it. IMO .. it was really not very pretty, although Gold HW might make it look warmer. The bag I was shown had Silver HW .. uggh!
    • Rose Peche - very pretty (and mind you, I'm not a huge fan of the Rose/Pink/Peach hues). A really great mix .. not overly Peach or Rose .. I would say a 50/50 combination. Looks fabulous with the Gold HW!
    • Rouge Cardinal - yes, another one with high hopes .. especially since a lot of folks missed out on the Coquelicot. RED, of course, is my favorite color .. and I have amassed quite a few of the Balenciaga Red's throughout the years (which I still have). It's pretty, but it is not a 'clean' Red like Coquelicot .. it has just a slight pink undertone to it. It is also a lot less bright than Coquelicot (so in that case, it might be better for those that thought that the Coquelicot was a little too much of a "in your face" Red!).
    • Tournesol - LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this color!! Means Sunflower in French, and I would say that is a good definition of this color. Looked a lot like the '03 Mustard Yellow (which, in my opinion was not correctly named). This is a deeper yellow, with just a hint of a green hue (which made me happy since I loved the '04 Anis so much). If I were to only get 1 bag from this Year/Season, this would be my #1 pick.
    • Ultraviolet - also LOVED this color; a bright pop of Purple .. but had a definite red undertone (more like the '09 Raisin). Looks FABULOUS with the Gold HW!!! If I were to get a 2nd bag, this would be my 2nd choice!
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  2. Great review, CJ! thanks so much.
  3. Bal seems to be doing a lot of yellows lately. Glad that you're a fan of this 2013 F/W color. Here's to hoping this one is a winner as I passed on both Curry and Mangue. Thanks for the reviews!
  4. I know .. they seem to get into a bit of a rut with colors (for a while there is was Pinks, now Yellows). I also didn't go for Curry or Mangue (but that was also because of still living in New England); now that I'm out in California, I'm more inclined to look at the Yellow!

    BTW .. the Tournesol definitely looks better with Silver HW or the regular Brass HW!
  5. Thanks for the review!! SO excited for ultraviolet... and welcome to Cali!
  6. Yeah, that Ultraviolet was sweet .. especially with the Gold HW! Still wish they made the G21 HW though!
  7. Great review, rouge cardinal sounds like a safe red for those wanting something a little more subdued; I'd love a maxi twiggy as I missed on the coq and have been hunting for a resale to no avail.

    Thanks for the review.
  8. ^^ Exactly *Lisa* .. definitely a good Red for those that felt that Coquelicot was too "bright". It's definitely a more subdued Red, but still .. VERY pretty!

  9. Hello CeeJay. So glad to see you here again. Missed you. What wonderful info you have given us one more time. Thank you. My favorite color from this season would also be the Tournesol. And since I haven't bought a yellow one yet, I will buy one as soon as they are out. I always wanted a Town in that color. I missed Mangue and I didn't like Curry that much. So I hope to be lucky this time.
  10. Sweet! Thank you so much for this, miss CeeJay :biggrin:

    Slightly off-topic as I'm not sure which season these were from (possibly S/S 2013 - I've only seen them on Erica's site last month), would you have happened to have seen the black metallics in person? (As revealed by BPC http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/reveal-x4-cumin-cassis-bm-black-metallic-ph-821812.html ) Would greatly value your comparison/assessment on this if you have as I know you've had most of the ones from the good ol' days…

    Hope you, the kitties - and of course the bags - have all acclimated to California. (I know I haven't lol)
  11. Thank you CJ. Disappointed on the Cigare Fonce.:sad:
  12. Good to be back :biggrin:!! The move to the West Coast consumed a lot of my time (and $$$ - arrgghh!), but .. WOW, I have lots more options in finding Balenciaga bags now (uh oh!).

    The Tournesol was a really cheerful Yellow, if you KWIM .. something about it. Yeah .. may definitely go for this color!
  13. Yes I remember you telling me about it when you first went there. I have started an LV collection as after buying my last Bbag (City Rose Bonbon GGH) I was rather disappointed with the leather. Too shiny and nothing like some years ago. Although I recently found a preloved Weekender in Indigo Blue and I am thinking about it. But at least I got to get that pink one I wanted for so long if you remember as Rose Bonbon is such a sweet color. But my next one won't be LV, it will be the YELLOW one which I have also wanted for a long time. And my last Balenciaga will be when they make something like Royal Blue.
  14. Thanks for the post CeeJay - I really love the ultraviolet - saving up for it - have been good all year.
  15. Thanks for posting!! Love the Rose Peche :loveeyes: