CeeJay's Take on the 2013 FW Colors!

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  1. i have a cigar fonce day i just purchased from bg with gold hardware...i think the color is so rich and the leather is amazing!
  2. Glad you like it.
    You should do a reveal. Don't think we've had one for Cigar Fonce yet..?
  3. Yay! Reveal, please? :smile: I'd love to see more of Cigar Fonce. :smile: So curious about this color. If its anywhere near Mogano, I'm sold!
  4. Hi ladies! I haven't been in the forum for a long long time. Im just learning about the new colors and new styles. Thanks CeeJay for the review.

    Here's a pic of Cigar Fonce.
    @vink it's no where near mogano unfortunately (or fortunately ;)

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  5. Hey Ceejay! I'm really happy to know you've been such a huge bal fan for so long, it's pretty rare where I'm from haha Anyways, I'm really just dying to purchase a ultraviolet city in rh but the people at my holt renfrew (montreal) keep saying they have no idea when the new f\w colors are arriving and that balenciaga has been very tight lipped this season :sad: could you give me some ball park to work with perhaps? Should I expect this colour to only come out in August or September??... Any info would be great :smile:
  6. I tried Cigar Fonce at Bal. Color does not stand out with RH, but looks fine with mggh. I bought the beige nougatine mggh part time, but ended up exchanging it for a Day RGH as I am afraid the BN will get dirty easily. Also I did not like the leather of the new bags.
  7. I agree with all Cigar Fonce is kinda flat looking, especially with RH. :-s

    Thanks for the picture anyway.
  8. what didn't you like about the leather?
  9. The leather is very thin and seems very fragile.
  10. Bummer to hear that the leather is thin.. Hate that.. I like my leather thick, fluffy and soft.

    I might be the weird one here but I really like the Cigare Fonce with the RH. I'm not a flashy, dressy kind of girl. I'm jeans and a tee and feel the CF looks super casual with the RH. Will definitely be checking it out. :yes: Thanks for the pic!
  11. Ah... Thanks a lot for the photo!!!!! It's really a great help! :smile: I'd been away for a while, too. :smile: Somehow I think it's a really cute brown. :smile: I'm still missing a dark brown in my collection. Maybe I'll have to check it out in person. ;) it's not what I hope for, but it doesn't seem to hurt.
  12. I'll do a reveal a little later today or tomorrow. The leather on the cigar fonce is really thick and chewy:smile:.
  13. I saw several bags in cigar fonce at Barneys and they were really gorgeous! So rich. If I didn't have my cafe day I would be after a bag in this color.
  14. Hello ceejay! Great review! Im in love with the ultraviolet! Does anyone here have it already? Any modelling pics for the ultraviolet?? TIA!😎
  15. Yes, actually .. I did see the Black Metallic .. and it's STRAIGHT-UP GORGEOUS!!!! I've resisted because I already have 4 Black Balenciaga bags (different styles); no need to add to that!! :graucho: [yeah - right!]