CeeJay's Take on the 2013 FW Colors!

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  1. Thanks for the in-depth review.
    None of the colors are really making me go "wow". Probably cause I've been hoping for something like an Olive, Brownish/Greenish color.

    Ahh well, there's always next year..
  2. After reading your review, I decided to hold off on purchasing from more sale items from HGbags.

    I do love the coming FW colors. I already have pieces in red, yellow (anise,) blue, green, black, and Anthracite.

    so I was thinking Ultra Violet but I am so afraid of fading.
    Then, I thought, a soft Peach Rose but I am so afraid of it getting dirty.

    I really could use a all season neutral bag, so I might end up going with a RH Day in Beige Nougatine.

    Decisions, decisions.
  3. Thank you so much for the reviews! I totally appreciate them and how detailed you were as i am quite new to Bal. :flowers: I am looking forward to Ultraviolet and Cigar Fonce.
  4. Wow! Thanks Ceejay! You're a gem!

    I thought I only wanted Rouge Cardinal but your review on Beige Nougatine opened my eyes! :graucho:
  5. Now, I think I'll wait for rouge cardinal IRL. :smile: Thank you so much for your review! :smile:
  6. Thank you very much for a fabulous review. You are so cool.!!
    I am looking forward to see tournesol and ultraviolet.
    I saw rose peche in real and it looks so feminine and cute with mggh.
    I also saw rouge cardinal but it was in rh and the color is a bit too dim for my taste but I still keep it in my choice since I generally prefer red over purple. I love to see roude cardinal with msgh.

    I also want to have an anthracite bag , but I already have a black one so it will look too similar?

    I never have yellow bag so not sure if it requires high maintenance ?

    Well too many choices to choose from lol, but I will just get two.
  7. I missed out on 08 ruby and have been yearning for a replacement. Do you think rouge cardinal might be it?
  8. Thank you, CeeJay!
    it is great to have you back here :woohoo:
    I'm really looking forward to ultraviolet, I might be in big trouble! When I see beautiful purple, my heart sings :love:
  9. Awesome review of colors! :smile: I am very excited about the ultraviolet and can't wait to see it in person. :cool:
  10. thanks for the review. red or purple look nice. but I will wait for the next green color
  11. Thanks CeeJay! Always great to hear your in-depth "reviews"! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks Ceejay for the review. My SA sent me a pic of a cigar fonce RH part time. The color does look like a cigar. I am looking forward to seeing it in person.
  13. awesome review..im new to bal too, reading a lot of these posts is really insightful. and also im on the fence about keeping a mangue first...i love the fact the yellow is named after sunflowers...the purple is gorgeous too though.
  14. I think I saw the cigar fonce city w giant gold hardware at neiman marcus in troy, michigan. .. it looked really nice but it won't be my first choice....
  15. Thanks for your review of the seasons colors. I'm still slightly intrigued by C.F. especially because you said it has it has red undertones, I'll have to check it out IRL. Ultra violet looks great but I already have a raisin city & a dark violet money not sure if I can really justify another purple bal item.