Balenciaga at DSW

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  1. So, I went into the DSW in Union Square (NYC) today to look at shoes, and when I walked in I was really surprised to see that they had a bunch of Chloe bags. I looked around a little more and saw a few Burberrys and a Gucci, and then half-hidden on the bottom shelf there were two Balenciaga bags! There was a black weekender for $999 and an ink bowling for $799. They both had really nice leather too. If I wasn’t completely broke right now from Christmas shopping I would have gotten one. I'm really surprised though because I go to DSW fairly often and I've never seen designer bags there before, especially not Balenciaga.
  2. I am so jealous!

    You are so lucky to have that at your DSW! Wow - at the ones around here, the most "high end" is Cole Haan....
  3. What is DSW? Is it like a Nordstrom Rack or TK Maxx but for shoes?
  4. a black weekender for $999? how lucky! I must go to check my local DSW store now.
  5. WHAT?! There is a DSW right near me! Darn it, but I have finals today. I wonder if all DSWs carry the same merchandise?
  6. they most certainly don't!:sad:
  7. what? I must check this out, although the DSW's around here suck
  8. WOW! our local DSW definitely doesn't have any b-bags that i have seen. i don't think i have seen a really expensive designer there ever. but next time i go i will look again JUST IN CASE. :biggrin:
  9. Yep, pretty much. DSW stands for Discount Shoe Warehouse.
  10. Thanks babe. :P
  11. wow!...I know at the westchester DSW I've seen prada, gucci, miu miu shoes...great prices..never my size though..
    but bags! Balenciaga bags! I never thought they'd be at a discount store.
    I know I've seen many different high end designer bags at Filenes Basement.:yes:
  12. No way! There is a DSW 5 min from where I work. The highest-end bags I've ever seen there are Nine West...but now I'm going to have to go take a look!

    DSW = Designer Shoe Warehouse

    Or, as my fiance refers to them...Desperate Shoe Whores! (he loves shopping there with me...yes, I'm keeping him!)
  13. is it authentic, you think? i highly doubt that stores like DSW will sell balenciaga... but who knows....
  14. IS DSW part of the Loehmann/Burlington Coat Factory chain? Because they are under investigation
    for selling non-authentics according to Balenciaga.
  15. im sooooooo checking this out tommorro in the Union Square store... black weekender for 999? :nuts: