Balenciaga at DSW

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  1. i was wondering about the same thing....some of these places are notorious of buying high-end fake stocks(without realizing that themselves of course)
  2. Wow!! it is worth checking it out. I wonder if the SF DSW got any. I would love a weekender for that price. I will have to go there tomorrow AM and check it out.
  3. i wonder if these bags are authentic. dsw is the type of store that would sell such a high-end bag.
  4. I went to DSW this morning and they only had the blue/navy bowler left. The bag is authentic.
  5. I have two DSWs within 15 minutes of me :nuts: They open at nine, I'll check them out and give you guys an update!!
  6. That sounds awesome, but I'd like to know if they're authentic? I don't think any of the DSW stores around my area would sell such high-end bags.

    Someone come back with a report! :P
  7. I can bet that the DSW in my area has no Balenciaga. Mine gets the cheapest crap you will ever see in your life. :yucky:
  8. If they are selling them, it won't be for long as soon as Balenciaga gets wind of it. My understanding is that they absolutely do not want their merchandise ending up at stores like this ...
  9. I just called, they have a Black City (I think from her description) for $1000.

    I would not buy it sight unseen in case it is fake. Apparantly they were on clearance 2 months ago.

    This is the SF location.
  10. They're probably authentic. If they were fake, I'd think the fake crap would be scattered across all their stores. I've notice the inventory at DSWs is highly varied depending on location, which leads me to believe what they carry at selective stores are authentic. I bought some outrageously gorgeous authentic Miu Miu shoes at DSW in Highland Park Dallas. They also had Puccis and authentic nylon Prada bags. Nothing close to that is ever carried at the DSWs in Denver.
  11. wow me too, i go there alot!~ and have NEVER seen designer bags, maybe they are new?

  12. Ohh good to know, maybe I will check it out later. I really wanted to avoid going shopping because of the busy season.
  13. WOW!!!! B-bags at DSW? The last time I went there I bought shoes for prom! :roflmfao: If I wasn't broke, I'd check it out..

    If anyone gets any good loot, come back and tell us about it!!
  14. Nothing at the St. Louis (well, next to the Dierbergs in Brentwood) location. Very meager designer shoe offerings, the highest-end bags around were BCBG Girls.
  15. View attachment 105535

    I just got back from DSW. The weekender is gone, but the bowling is still there. I managed to get a picture of it, although the picture isn't very good. I was trying to be really discrete about it, but a couple of people saw me and looked at me like I was completely nuts, lol. I brought my first with me to compare the hardware and the bag looks authentic too me, although I'm no expert.