Balenciaga at DSW

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  1. I called one of the ones here in Houston and I think the girl didn't even know the designer Balenciaga. She said they did not have any. You girls up north are LUCKY!!!
  2. i never bother with dsw- just a huge warehouse of junkety junk (in these parts anyway!). i'm glad that someone is scoring a good deal!
  3. Dont think theres a DSW near me, the only one I know of near my job is as bad as Payless. Cheapo shoes I wouldnt be caught dead in.
  4. Erica, thanks for taking that pic, you rock.

    It definitely looks good to me. Also, I don't think I've ever seen a fake bowling before, I think they may only make fakes of the most popular styles, like the City. How much was that bowling, does anyone know?

    I agree, you girls up in NY and SF are lucky duckies! Wish I lived there :smile:
  5. I was in SF DSW this morning and saw a black work at $999.99. It looks real to me. The leather looks kind of on the dry side. They also have some Chloe paddy (not the original satchel) and a blue bottega veneta large hobo which all looks authentic to me. But I am no expert.
  6. If you Google "balenciaga bowling" you'll find fakes of that style now... sad but true.
  7. the blue bowling was definitely real, and only like 750! in the ny one they also had a lot of chloe bags, and a very delicious ysl rive gauche bag!

    the bowling was actually really nice, but not for me. really bummed i missed that weekender! :crybaby:
  8. The bowling must be blueberry because this style just came out for F/W06 and ink is a SS06 colour.
    It looks really nice!!
  9. get the hell outta here?? DSW carries all those?? Man last time I went in the union square one I think they only had like 2 prada bags, if that.
  10. my friend just told me she saw balenciaga in the union square DSW! i'm going tomorrow to check it out.
  11. Hmmm ... I'm in Houston right now (at my sister's for the holidays); wonder if I should check it out?!!? I'm a little suspect though ... DSW doesn't typically carry higher-end stuff ...
  12. I saw a Bal dark olive bowling bag at a DSW and didn't think Balenciaga even made bowling bags for that year (pre-fall 2005). Someone correct me if I am wrong. PHH was with me so I didn't get to inspect fully but I am suspect as well.
  13. ^^
    Donna, there is a DSW in the city of Orange on Main St., right across the Mall. I never check out the purse section just cuz I don't expect to see high-end designer bags at DSW... They have some decent selection of designer shoes there. For shoe hunt, I go there and Off Broadway in Irvine Market Place on Jamboree.
  14. There's a dark olive brown color in the 2006 Fall collection. Or if you meant it was like olive green, it might have been sapin.
  15. OMG I wish I lived in New York... the only DSW I've been to here carries Puma bags... maybe I'm going to the wrong one...