Balenciaga at DSW

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  1. They still have any Balenciaga on sale in Union Sq? I can stop by later after work and cop it. Has anyone been to the DSW in Tribecca (around the world financial offices)? I wouldn't mind checking out the store..
  2. The DSW in Miami at 89XX Dixie Highway had a Men's Besace in Black and a Weekender in Sapin a few days ago when I visited. I think the prices were $799 and $999, respectively.
  3. Found 2 Ballenciaga bags at the DSW in Factoria, WA. A black weekender for 999 and a brown bowler (I think). The also had a bunch of chloe paddington bags.
  4. OMG, a black weekender for 999? How can get my hand on this one???
  5. Here is the number for the store outside of Seattle....425-641-2190. Good Luck!
  6. The manager said she had just put them out today....
  7. Thanks! I called, they won't do store transfer, nor do they do phone order. :crybaby:
  8. i was just in there the other day, and unfortunately no more balenciaga :crybaby:

    they still have A LOT of chloe left though, if you're into paddingtons.

    havent tried tribeca though, it's probably worth a shot!
  9. Anyone check the San Fran DSW again to see if they got anymore bags?
  10. I took these pics at the Factoria DSW before I got busted by the manager of the store (I hope my Bal pals will bail me out of jail if necessary).
    This is the black weekender but I am confused by the silver color hardware. I brought in my rouge city to compare hardware and it is def. silver though the card in the bag says 2006. Any opinions?
  11. OOh, Nice NW! We'd bail you out for sure! LOL.
    Is it me or do the studs on that weekender look strange?
    Is that weekender still there?
  12. Hey M. Yes the weekender is still there. I just can't tell if it is authentic or not with the silver hardware, do men's bags have the same color hardware?
  13. Is this a man Weekender? Maybe it's not 2006 season. Could it be possible this is an older year bag, like 2004?
  14. Yes, Men's Weekenders have the silver hardware ... still. Men's Weekenders have silver hardware and longer handles than the Women's Weekender. The Men's Besace I mentioned I saw at the Miami DSW also had silver hardware, so I think that the Men's bags have silver hardware across the board.

    The leather on that Men's Weekender posted above looks uncharacteristically smooth ... but maybe it's just an especially smooth specimen, or the photo doesn't completely capture the leather's texture.
  15. And they won't do a store transfer huh?