~*Authenticate This! Beauty Items*~

  1. I bought this off of eBay a few days ago and just recvd it in the mail.

    I did not check before I bought, so I wanted to makesure it is authentic. I believe it is , as the powder and everything is the same as my other pressed powder.
    I guess my question is more, since this is a silvery decorated compact, instead of standard black plastic, is this a LE piece ? Any idea on when it came out ?

  2. It's from the LE Catherine Denuve Icon collection, so it's legit. :smile: I know they made beauty powders with that compact... I didn't know they made blot powders, but it looks good based on the pics.

  3. Thanks, I am glad. I really love the case , since it is different , not just black.
  4. The outlet is supposed to be bulky. It has the shock protector, similar to the ones on most blow dryers. I think that's a fake, especially because of the way it's priced.
  5. Thanks for your opinion!

    I should've known, if it's too good to be true....
  6. Does anyone know if beautychoice.com sells authentic GHD irons?
  7. Nevermind. You all can just disregard this question.

    I ended up buying it from thecosmeticmarket.com after more research. Thanks for reading :smile:
  8. That's what I was thinking, don't worry! I am still learning how to ID fakes...
  9. Does anyone have any info on Brush111.com? It popped up as an ad on YouTube and they've got insane prices for MAC products - like 52 different full size pigments for $150. And brushes, eyeshadows, pieces from limited edition collections, etc.

    Anyone know anything about them? They're based in China..
  10. Very fake. You run the risk of putting something lead based or toxic on your skin and eyes with fakes from China since they don't regulate cosmetics there like we do.