~*Authenticate This! Beauty Items*~

  1. It looks good! :tup:
  2. Update- pics could you confirm this one is authentic?
    Sorry about the size of pics
  3. I just compared this to one of my pigments (purchased directly @ MAC) & it's identical!!
  4. It looks good to me. The label and little plastic cover inside the pigment jar are definitely the way they should be.
  5. looks good!
  6. yay thanks!
  7. Hi Ladies,
    Could you help me out with this bottle of OPI I just got from eBay please?

    Whats putting me off is the finish on the lid compared to my other opi (I only have 3 to compare it to) and there is no little dot on the P on the lid?

    23[1].jpg 34[1].jpg 36[1].jpg IMG_0303[1].jpg sf[1].jpg
  8. The third pictures looks the same as my bottle, but the other photos look a little different. It might be from an international market, an older product than mine, or fake (do they fake OPI?).
  9. Im wanting to put in an order for an expensive perfume with fragrance.net but im also worried about it being legit.. Has anyone had any experience with it?
  10. It's legit, I have bought a few perfumes from them!
  11. I just placed my order for a perfume that costs $150 retail, It was $126 on the site and i found a 15% off coupon which made it $107 and free shipping and no tax :woohoo: I saved $43 + 10.50 in sales tax!
  12. They're legit, but Scrangie posted on her blog that she had a problem with them sending her tons of spam/junk mail, including a $5 check that if cashed automatically enrolled you in a program that cost $130. Since I believe there's a rule about posting links to other blogs, Google "scrangie fragrance net" and you'll find her article.
  13. ^^ Thanks! Ill watch out for that!