~*Authenticate This! Beauty Items*~

  1. Are the brushes fake as well? Or are they stealing merchandise from the MAC factory? (Their info is vague and just says that they work out of the same factory as MAC.)
  2. The brushes are definitely fake too. These fakes are really bad- some fakes are passable and hard to determine, but in this case there's no way they are working out of the same factory (which happens, but not in this case) since they aren't even making an effort to stay true to the original.
  3. Can anybody tell me if this brush is Authentic. It's the 194SE (The gold one). Thanks.

  4. *Bump*
  5. I just get a little suspicious when I see a site that can afford to have much lower prices than all the others. But I really want a Mason Pearson brush, and I love a good deal, so I will definitely order if they are authentic!

  6. ^ That looks good to me.
  7. I know it's a little late, but it's authentic.