~*Authenticate This! Beauty Items*~

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  1. The search engine is still down so this might have been covered before.

    I just ordered a fragrance that would have cost me $225.00 at NM, but w/****** coupon of no tax and free shipping and another coupon for 10% off...plus the sites discount, I got it for around $135.00.

    But, now I'm worried it might not be an authentic site...the reviews are great though.

    Anyone know for sure? Thanks!
  2. i know someone that knows someone that knows someone that runs this site type of a deal...lol...but its legit
  3. I was just searching for a thread on the same site, too! I just placed an order and I'm really really hoping it's legit....
  4. Post your authenticity questions on general beauty items.

  5. Thanks for starting this.. I have been looking at beauty products on ebay..
  6. to me they look off...the metal pieces on all mine are silver & that brush roll looks cheap:Push: not to mention $50.00 for 32 brush thats too good to be true:yes:
  7. Yes, you are right. Thank you!
  8. OMG They make fake beauty products, too??? Where have I been???? Are they only sold on ebay or can I get taken other places?? I'm guessing flea markets aren't a good place to look, huh?:mad:
  9. I was falling on the side of wanting to see closer photos of the handles & stamp.........and then I read in the auction "As far as I know these brushes are authentic."

    That's telling me she knows they aren't real. :tdown: