Are you Bold Enough?//Crazy Customization on my Balenciaga Day.

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  1. I'm really impressed so far! Please continue posting pics and your experience! :tup:
  2. Wowsers on the clean up and first dye.... I can't wait to see the final product. Even with what you've done so far, it looks 1000% better.
  3. wow!!! that is amazing!!!!
  4. So dstar, do those Target leather wipes work in cleaning up the leather? Did they get out all the pen marks? I have a pen mark on a bag that I can't get out. TIA.

    I am SO inspired by you! You have rescued a disgustingly dirty and faded bag and breathed new life into her. YAY!
  5. wow that looks amazing!! it really does look like a marshmallow
  6. The wipes only got out surface dirt. The preparer in my dye kit with the dye really did it. I would recommend picking a color that is close to your original and use the brush on the small ink spots. The leather of my bag is not dry, cracking, or rough. It is smooshier and smoother than the original.
  7. Wow, please keep us updated with more pictures. Great job. :tup:

    I'm interested to know more as I can forsee myself dyeing my SB some day. It's been fading little by little
  8. I am wondering in the final result if you will have to worry about color transfer? Perhaps you can use some kind of sealer after you do the final dye?? Does sealer come with the kit? A man at Tandy Leather sold me a sealer for shoes that I was redying. Takes a lot of nerve to dye a B bag!!!!! Can't wait to see pix. I recently glued my split tassels together ( thread is in Bal Care and Maintenance thread).
    How to glue split tassels
    I am pretty proud of myself about that operation. Please post final pictures.
  9. The leather on your bag is looking so smooth after your first coat of re dye! I can't wait for more pics to follow!
  10. wooooooow!
  11. I keep coming back for updates I can't wait to see the final results.
  12. I gave the the bag a 2nd coat in areas where needed today. Still looks great! I am waiting on my tassles to come from BalNY. Then I put together the finished product.
  13. Wow, you have done a great job and the bag looks amazing so far:nuts:. Thank you for including all of the helpful info also. You have inspired me and I can't wait to see how yours turns out. I'm keeping this thread at the top of my list.:yes:
  14. Do you mind my asking how much you paid for it originally?

    Looks great so far! I'm excited to see it with the Missoni scarf.