Are you Bold Enough?//Crazy Customization on my Balenciaga Day.

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  1. I must be really insane or desperate to get this bag to look decent. I recently bought a pale rose day '06 on ebay. The price was so ridiculously low, I went for it. Much to my disappointment, the leather is much much worse than I expected, the pale rose is not do-able by any stretch of the imagination. It is a dingy discolored dirty beige, and I mean dirtyyy-colored. I got risky and dyed it myself by hand back to it's original pale rose color (maybe a little lighter). The tassles were disgusting, so I got creative an ordered 2 new pairs from Balenciaga in pale magenta. I also tied a pale magenta, multi-colored Missoni scarf to the handle. As I wait for my leather to dry (which I must say is still squishy and smooth) fingers crossed it stays, and my new tassles to come......BEFORE AND AFTER SHOTS will be on the way.:shrugs:
  2. Ooooh, I'm quite intrigued to see the out come! I bought a twiggy that I knew was going to be a project. I keep meaning to send it to LMB for a spa, but I keep spending money on other things.

    Did you clean it first, or just dye it as it was? What kind of Dye did you use?

    Cant wait to see the pics.....
  3. WOW - I'm also waiting for the before and after pics... I hope it turns out well!!!
  4. I cleaned the bag first with leather cleaner wipes. Then I used leather conditioner, so the dye went on smooth. The name of the dye is called Tarrago Self-Shine Color Dye.
  5. You are sooo brave! I can't wait for before and after pics.
  6. I can't wait for the piccies to
  7. I really had no choice. It looked that bad. lol
  8. Hope it turns out well!! :tup:
  9. can't wait to see it
  10. Me too. After the first day's dyeing it looks much better. I will put a 2nd coat tomorrow, if I think it needs one.
  11. I can't wait to see the pictures. :yes: I hope it works out! I bet it will.
  12. Sounds intruiging - I can't wait to see the pictures!
  13. :popcorn:I love before and after pics!!!
  14. Wow, you are really brave. I want to see it!
  15. Me too :popcorn: