Are you Bold Enough?//Crazy Customization on my Balenciaga Day.

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  1. very interesting - i have a marc by marc jacobs ivory bag that is really worn (since i wear it so much) and i might very well consider this! i'm really excited to see how it comes out!
  2. Wow, your Day looks amazing now! I cannot wait to see the finished project. It looks as if your boldness paid off!
  3. YAY I also re dyed a skyeblue makeup (allthough not myself...hehe)
    Cant wait to see the finished results! :heart:
  4. Its 05 Bubblegum Pink but it has faded and yellowed. There is no dirt, just fading. What do you think? :sweatdrop:
  5. ^If dstar's finished product looks amazing, I think you should definitely go for it. She had nothing to lose really when she started this endeavor, there was no way it could look worse as she described the bag when she got it. A yellowed bubblegum can't beat a freshly dyed bubblegum!
  6. Okay, I'm sold. Off to get dye! I'll post before and afters too! Thanks dstar for the confidence.
  7. If you plan on keeping it for yourself, I would go for it. My bag was soo much worse off than yours and it came out nicely. So I am thinking that your results will be even better. Stay close to the color of your original though. I would go for the pale mauve or the rose on the color chart I posted. Good luck! Make sure you clean the leather first. Then use the kit for all the rest.
  8. Good luck. Keep me posted. I will also continue on photo-ing my progress. =)
  9. Oh wow dstar84, your project looks amazing so far! I can't wait to see your finished results!!! You've inspired me to take on something like this if I ever come across an old bbag!! :biggrin:
  10. this is amazing. please keep us posted. I can't wait to see the final product.
  11. Your dyeing job is really fabulous! It's really nicely done!
    I can't believe it's so simple to do. I haven't any bag that requires a dye job but it I do need it next time, I'll be getting those dyes.

    Thanks for sharing - do keep posting more pictures!
  12. this dyeing thing could rescue us from dark handles!!!! if we can match the dye color to the EXACT color of the bag that is!! This could be a breakthrough! I will try it on my newly aquired 06 lilac twiggy which has very dark handles!! If it doesnt work out .. a trip to LMB would be all it takes! cant wait to try this!!

    How does the leather feel .. is it rough or dry or crackling????
  13. Hey again, I think I'm gonna go for either the Mauve or one of the creams. I just got back from my tireless search for a place that would have the dye mentioned, but no luck. I just got back now!

    I'm just gonna decide on a color and then order from amazon!

    Please do keep photographing your progress! You're a total inspiration. :idea:
  14. Looks amazing so far! Can't wait to see the finished thing!