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  1. Just saw these in Meghan markle, very statement. Are the gold bands stretchy or metallic?
  2. They are metallic. And some of them are textured too which adds a cool dimension to them. I wish they made these in a midi heel, like 75 or 85 mm. Meghan's shoes were the 105 mm version. It was either that or the 45.
  3. Thanks! I just saw these replies. I appreciate it .I ended up going with the 38.5
  4. Ladies.... For Aquazzura maryjane flats, is the pineapple logo stamped ? Y do I see some have it some don't? TIA
  5. New shoes
    20190401_195155.jpg Screenshot_20190401-195948_Chrome.jpg
  6. Getting ready for sandal weather...need a pedi.
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  7. My first Aquazzura pair of shoes

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  8. I finally found these in 85mm heel height in London! Previously had only seen them in 105mm. IMG_0413.JPG 57834042958__D96FF17B-5A17-4BF3-A642-08AFF08BB615.JPG
  9. How pretty is this ballet slipper? Love the color and texture, so unique.
  10. I'm trying so hard not to buy a sale pair of 85s right now.
  11. Love these! The details are so unique!
  12. 85mm truly is the perfect heel height! Sorry, probably not helping. Which style are you considering?
  13. Thank you! I think they still have a classic look but with a fun and interesting twist. Business in the front, party on the sides! Love this about Aquazzura shoes - there is always an element of fun to them.
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  14. The same PVC pair I posted above, minimalist is style name iirc, but in black. Ive a tendency to buy multiples if I find something I really like and works well with my lifestyle n wardrobe...
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  15. Thank you! I’m in love with these when I first saw them online. Luckily it’s also on sale with the very good price