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  1. Just ordered my very first pair of Aquazzuras! Got the dolce vita heel in black from Saks for $300 off! I used their size calculator and it said it order a 9.5. I'm a 9 in designers like Cole Haan and Sam Edelman, but a 10 (40) in Jimmy Choos and Louboutin. Im second guessing ordering 39.5 and am wondering if I should grab the 40 while it's still available??

  2. I think aquas arent as narrow as choos or Loubs so you should be fine, but if you have wider feet, then maybe you want to get the 10 as well.
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    My foot is wide in some places and narrower in others, so I ordered the 40 just to be safe! Will send back whatever doesn’t work. Thanks for your help!
  4. How do you think the quality and comfort of Aquazzuras compare overall to comparable brands, like Choo, Louboutin, Blahnik, etc.?
  5. I think the quality is comparable to loubs or blahniks, but it's not twice as expensive due to those brand's markup. I also don't find loubs or blahnik to be comfortable since they cater to narrower feet, so I haven't bought any in many years.

    As for quality, I don't have any defects, glue residue, low quality leather, suede in any of my aquas. I love that they are such a good brand that isn't charging sky high prices, so when on sale, it's easier on my wallet.
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  6. This is great to know, thank you! I can’t wait for my shoes to get here!
  7. Picked up my beauties today on sale from David’s IMG_6395.jpg
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  8. So fun! Love these
  9. My dolce vitas came! These are the 39.5 and I think they work. Will return the 40 I ordered. These definitely are not as narrow as my loubs and choos. My pair from the brand and I think it’s love! The profile on these is very sexy yet is polished and professional. IMG_8727.jpg IMG_8728.jpg IMG_8730.jpg
  10. Professional from the front and back and hotness from the side! Looks great on you.

    If its suede, it'll stretch a little and mold perfectly to your feet.
  11. Thank you! I was wondering if I could actually use a 39 instead, but then I think it might not be enough room in the toes. I'd rather put a pad in these if need be than have them be too tight.
  12. Can anyone advise re sizing? I'm looking at the Christy flats in leather. I wear a 38.5 or 39 in Jimmy Choo (always a 38.5 in their flats), 38.5 in Louboutin and Valentino. Help appreciated!
  13. I want to say they run tts, but I don't own Christy flats. If 38.5 is your regular sz, I'd stick with that. As mentioned above, aquas are less narrow than loubs or choos.
  14. Thanks! TK Maxx had a pair in a 38.5 so have ordered them, can return if they don't fit but hoping they do as wanted some for ages and they were a good price!
  15. Does anyone own the Mathilde pumps in 75mm??