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  1. They were pretty good and asked if I wanted a refund or exchange. I asked for a refund because I honestly wasn't happy with the quality of the finish on the shoes. I could see the glue on the heel. Maybe this pair was just full of defects? The hard ware on the laces also had this weird dent/scratch on it!
    They will process the refund once the shoes reach them....hopefully :biggrin:
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    Hi there, I am planning to buy a pair of Sexy Thing sandals and need some advice on the heel height and the shade "Nude". I was just going to buy nude/size 39 on Shopbop with the spring discount (usd 423 final price). I wanted to check whether they had the same in Neiman Marcus and found out that they're on 50% sale (usd 254 final price) . But the heels are 4'' on Shopbop, and 3.4'' on Neiman Marcus. And Neiman Marcus has two colors (neutralbad and nude) ?? But it's not possible to see both colors, which is strange. Any ideas on the heel heights and shades?
    Thank you
  3. Hey! Sexy Thing sandals are gorg!!! I would recommend to get them from Nordstrom as that is quite the difference in price... also, I know that there's only one nude color in that shoe style for aquazzura, so most likely it's the same as well as heel height usually around 100mm/4inches
    Hope this helps:smile: Please share pix if you do end up buying
    (BTW I find Aquazzura runs somewhat small... I am a US 8 and always got 39)
  4. Thanks for your prompt reply :smile: yes I searched and did not see any Aquazzura color called Neutral bad. I guess the heels of Sexy Thing were shorter in older styles (less than 10 cm), and Neiman Marcus has those version. Now I need to decide whether I should buy 8 cm, or 10??? I bought a pair (they were the last ones in the store) in my country in a gorgeous purple color, but they didn't fit and I had to return, you're right they run really small.
  5. Yes, they absolutely run small... I would personally get the 8cm because 10is quite high especially since there's no back per say... you have to strap them on and that less support than shoes that have that backing support... but if you're super comfortable with heels and have slingback in 10cm then maybe you should be ok
    Also depends if you are planning on walking on these or just for dinners and sit down events...
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    Thinking of getting Aquazzura Belgravia - not 100% sure on flats, kitten heel, or pump from Saks off 5th as they are currently under $200.

    I've never purchased Aquazzura's in the past and never tried them on in store before, but I've had always admired them on celebrities and friends.

    I'm between a 6.5-7. I normally wear a 6.5 in Steve Madden, Vince Camuto and Tory. I'm a size 37 in Loubs, rag and bone, and Valentino.

    What would you ladies recommend for sizing for the flats, heel, and pumps?

    Do Aquazzura's tend to stretch a bit after being worn in? Is it recommended to have a snug fit when you first purchase and eventually over time will they seem to be more comfortable?

    Thank you very much in advance! :smile:
  7. I love Belgravia and find them TTS. I need a half size smaller in the pumps compared to the flats, which is usually the case for me when I wear heels vs. flats
  8. I am the same size as you the 37 in the Belgravia was a good fit for me but they are not as comfortable as other Aquazzura flats and I found the zip at the back stiff

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  9. I went to the Aquazzura sample sale yesterday and bought these three pairs of shoes. The Sunshine flat, the Christy flat and Boheme tassel pump. P5050301_p.jpg P5050303_p.jpg P5050306_small.jpg
  10. Thank you!!

    Where was the sample sale? I'm so jealous!
  11. NYC
  12. I went back to the sale yesterday (last day) and got two more pairs: the Wild pump and the Ivy flat sandal at a bigger discount.
    P5064581_p.jpg P5064586_p.jpg
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  13. Amazing finds! Is there an email we can get on to find out about these sample sales? I'd love to go when they have their next one
  14. I don't know, I just follow 260 Sample Sale on Instragram. They are a company in NYC and LA that runs sample sales for brands so the brands don't have to do it themselves.

    I also check out and on occasion.
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  15. Thank you!