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  1. I am trying to find them in my size! I'm after the light grey and they're sold out in my size on the Aquazzura site, Far Fetch and a few websites I've found. I love that Aquazzura makes some of their styles in various heel heights. Interesting that none of the major department stores are stocking the Matilde 75. If you buy them, please post a review.
  2. I will! I'm going to Florence next month so I thought I would try and buy them there to save a little.
  3. That's so exciting! Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to seeing what you buy.
  4. Thank you! Very excited to visit the Aquazzura boutique there. It’s supposed to be excellent.
  5. Hi all, I'm so happy to be joining the Aquazzura club! I got the Christy flats on sale from their website and got myself a perfect size - 34. I'm usually 34-35 in designer shoes.
    Thanks for letting me share!

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  6. I love this brand. Everyone’s shoes are amazing! I just purchased the Rendez Vous sandals. They look good with everything. This brand is now super high on my radar. Here’s how I just wore them:
    IMG_1533756945.471809.jpg IMG_1533757100.885859.jpg
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  7. Just picked up some black suede Belgravia flats from TK Maxx (online order) and the zips are super stiff. Like, I am nervous doing them up as I really have to pull hard on them. Can anyone comment? If that's how they're made I guess that's fine, just wondering if they're seconds? Any advice appreciated!
  8. Any new Aquazzura beauties ladies need some inspiration
  9. Have been trying very hard to resist but dying for a few things!
    These in black. They're supposedly coming out with an 85 height.
    This flat where the back heel collapses so it's also a mule.
    And these are just so cool.
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  10. Hi ladies,

    I see this thread has been going on for a while. I read through almost all of the posts but couldn't find anyone say they had narrow feet. I'm debating the Beverly Hills, Sexy Thing, and Colette. I have flat feet but they are average leaning narrow, like they just make the requirement for narrow. My heels are also narrow. I encounter heel slippage in most pumps and my feel normally slide forward. I am a snug 39 in CL Pigalle Plato and a comfortable 38.5 in Valentino Rockstud pump 85 or 90mm. Any sizing recs based on that? Not sure if I should get 38s or 38.5s
  11. I take a 38.5 in their flats, and a 38.5 or 39 in their heels. I would say my feet are on the narrow side. I wear a 38.5-39 in Jimmy Choo; a 38-39 in CL; 39-39.5 in MB; and 38.5-39 in Valentino (38.5 in the kitten heels and pumps; 39 in their flats). So based on what you've said I would say to go for the 38.5.

    Hope this helps!
  12. Hello, thank you for all the input, new poster here :
    Does anyone have any sizing experience with the Aquazzura Casablanca Sandal Stilletos? Or any Aquazzura sandals in general?
    Hoping to buy a pair, I usually wear a 39 in CL but they are tight as I have a wider foot. Typically I wear an 8 / 38 in EU sizes. From the sounds of it the sandals run TTS(?)
  13. can only comment on sexy thing style, but they run tts for me and i have slightly wide feet so I'd so if you have narrow, i'd go half size down b/c 1) they're suede and 2) they can kind of be laced up, so tightened/loosened according to how bony and wide your feet are.
  14. yes, I own a few pairs of amazon and at least 1 or 2 other sandal styles and they all run tts for me. Aquas are definitely not as tight or narrow as CL, so I'd say go with your regular EU size.
  15. Impulse bought these babies over the weekend! Rendezvous pump in 45 mm. IMG_9988.JPG IMG_9987.JPG
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