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  1. Thank you!
  2. does anyone have the mondaine flat mules? do they run true to size?
  3. Don’t have mondaine but I know their other mule styles run about half a size small (but true to the rest of the brand’s sizing).
  4. i wear 38 in christy flats and ordered 38 in mondaine, would that be alright you think?
  5. I don’t own Christy flats but wouldn’t be surprised if the back of your heels are hanging off the mondaine mules. I’d recommend sizing up to 38.5!
  6. oh shoot! they don’t have 38.5 in stock ‍♀️ well if they are too small then i’ll just send them back i guess
  7. Aw well good luck! I hope the 38 fits.
  8. Hi ladies, I have several pairs of Aquazzura flats (christy, sunshine etc) but I’ve found the lace-up tie gets loosen up easily, especially christy. Any tips?
  9. I just double knot them, and they seem to stay together ok.
  10. First pair :heart::heart::heart:
    66399257_862729457425071_629480693348433920_n.jpg 66513957_1060755344127828_3076270312875098112_n.jpg
  11. Anyone own Aquazzura boots? Are they comfortable and tts?
  12. +1.
  13. Hi guys

    I'm trying to decide between the Boogie boots and Gianvito Lauras. They are so similar but there is quite a price difference. I just know GR are amazing quality so maybe worth the extra? I have so many GRs but no Aquazzuras.

    Does anyone have the Boogie boots? aquazzura-black-boogie-85-knee-high-boots_14165370_21127612_800.jpg
  14. Yes, I find them comfy and tts, but mine are suede.