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  1. Thank you! I swa the

    Thank you, Angel! I saw the video too that's why I was searching for more info. I am most excited about the handles. I think that looks pretty cool but I couldnt figure out whether this will be a worldwide thing.
  2. Some of the handles are quite pricey. Apparently there's real stones in them :shocked: I like that Fendi is coming out with new defenders. Still haven't found one that I love enough to purchase. You can always opt out of the personalization, if the name part is too much for you.
  3. I am thinking of getting a pre-loved, large peekaboo. I need a nice travel bag, and this one is so elegant. I've been checking out different interiors and hardware, but all black on the exterior (I like the ghw or the silver & gold hw mix). I have questions for some Peekaboo people.

    1. In your experience, is it a good travel bag? The large is big, which I want, but does the middle partition make it a bit smaller? Harder to get into? I've looked at them before and tried them on but there is nothing like actually owning a bag for more than a week to know this...

    2. Are the double closures pretty secure? I usually like a zip for a travel bag so stuff doesn't fall out, but those beautiful closures seem secure, to me anyway, but I don't know.

    3. Is the long additional strap comfortable when you're lugging around a lot of stuff?

    Thanks much!
  4. Hi guys, I found this little spot on the side of my dove grey selleria mini peekaboo today :'( tried applying a little leather conditioner to it but it can't be removed. Any idea what the spot is and how I can get it removed? I forgot to store my strap separately and am wondering if somehow the glazing melted due to the humidity and got onto the bag?

    Other deets: I got the bag from a Fendi boutique last July so is it still under some kind of a warranty?

    Much thanks for all your help!

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  5. It looks like it can be glazing. You can bring it back to Fendi if it bothers you, and it should be covered since you got it within a year ago.
  6. How's the wear and tear on the regular X-Lite? The one that can be worn over the shoulder?
  7. Hi guys. What peekaboo would you recommend? Selleria or normal? And size small or medium regular? For daywear.
    Also I’m planning to buy pre-loved. What would you recommend to look for not to get fake.
  8. Selleria all the way! And it has to be a size that fits everything you need that also matches your body shape and height, so try both sizes on in store to see which one works better.

    If you choose pre-loved, then the first places that come to mind are Fashionphile and Yoogi's Closet, but be sure to have them authenticated here first in the Authenticate This Fendi thread.
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  9. Thank u
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  10. Selleria or calfskin if you can find it. Avoid the Nappa leather that they call lambskin.
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  11. Don’t you like nappa? :wtf::panic::lol: I love it
  12. I don't Fendi's nappa leather for some reason. :sad::noworry: Plus on the mini nappa peekaboo's they don't have feet and I prefer my bags to have feet if at all possible.
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  13. Hi guys. I have never had peekaboo and plan to buy one. Just saw one pre loved beige Selleria regular. Girl says it’s just worn few times over 3 years. What do you think a good price would be?
  14. What exactly happens? I didn’t really understand :smile: