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  1. I'm not sure if they do. The oxidation of silver can be reversed, but it requires the plaque to be separated from the bag so that it can be treated to reverse the oxidation. There is no need to polish it, which can thin it out and lighten up the engravings.
  2. I went to the Fendi nearest to me and asked about it. They recommend replacing the whole metal tag at a few hundred dollars oh well, not that it's a big deal. I shall try polishing it first and see if it works. Else if it doesn't, I can just replace the entire tag :P
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  3. With the option to buy a new silver tag, I unscrewed the tag out and dunked it in baking soda and aluminium foil. Worked like a charm ! Happy :biggrin:

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  4. YAY! Baking soda and aluminum in hot water always does the trick! The plaque looks as good as new.

    Was it easy to screw the plaque back on? I was afraid it would endlessly spin the "sockets" in the leather without actually tightening the screws, if I decided to do it myself.
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  5. It was quite easy - however, you need to prop up the leather flap so that you can screw it properly and you need a small screw driver. There isn't much space haha. And yes, the screw does tighten. This is a ridiculously expensive bag after all !
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  6. Hello Ladies,
    I wanted to check with you of I'm over fussing or not.
    In March this year I bought my first peekaboo. After using it twice in a dry environment I noticed the hardware starting to oxidize. I mean after 2 wears? I contacted the manager of the Fendi store in Paris, and after a long discussion he agreed that I could change my bag. Which I did & I'm grateful I had this opportunity. Now the new bag is doing the same thing. Is this a regular "thing"? Am I over fussing? Or is this just not normal at all. I wanted to check here first, before contacting my SA again.
    The pictures included are from my 1st peekaboo, but the new one is doing the same, not yet that bad. Fendi_Sara_Swennen.jpg Fendi_Sara_Swennen.png
  7. Try using a bit of Windex on an eyeglasses cloth to work at the "rust". Be careful not to let the Windex touch anything other than the metal. It may actually rub off. I've tried it before and it often works. If it doesn't, then it just cleans it so it won't harm the hardware.
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  8. Never thought of this, I'll give it a try. Thank you for the response !
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  9. Hi, would someone kindly recommend a reputable authentication sites? I have this Fendi mini peekaboo that I would like to have it authenticated. Any advise is much appreciated.

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  10. Anyone know how to read the silver serial number on the selleria mini? Any significance to the number? 49-52-10444?
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    Today’s Peekaboo look - accessorizing with a key pouch and a pretty bow.

    Love this bag it was my first Luxury handbag!
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  12. Still love seeing your Peekaboos.
    I read a couple times that it should be THE Fendi key bag and it's made to stay. Do you think it is true? I wish they had this customising handles thing for everyone.
  13. Hello! Do any mini peekaboos come with feet?
  14. This will be my first Fendi bag if I get this. Was told this is a limited edition piece. However, the bag is canvas and not leather. It's brand new and unused.

    Should I get this bag? So so unsure... wonder how's the workmanship like for the beaded flowers. What do you think of this canvas bag which is not cheap.

    Your thoughts please... Thank you.

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  15. Has anybody seen this Peekaboo IRL yet? I've seen it online and in some European fashion magazines but haven't seen anybody out and about with one. I really like the black leather they're using -- has a sheen but isn't patent. A bit dressier than the norm.