All Things PEEKABOO - post pics, ask questions and chat here!

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  1. Can anyone post some pics and give me some update on how they are in terms of leather ,weight and anything else if possible .
  2. ive recently purchased a black leather one with black suede interior.I personally think it's a beautiful very practical bag, quite light weighted and fits a lot. It also looks very classy n smart. :biggrin:
  3. pmed you patchouli.
  4. I purchased the large light gray leather one (with suede interior) from NAP. It's the one that comes with the optional shoulder/cross body strap.

    It's a truly gorgeous bag... very well made, and very luxe, though plain, looking. It reminds me a little of a Birkin in that it has that same classic structured look. I'm not sure it's worth the steep price (although I had a 20% coupon code I used, making it more affordable). I am still on the fence about whether or not I am keeping it. But it IS a gorgeous, well made bag, very light weight, and it does have a timeless classic look to it.

    If funds weren't tight for me right now, I would keep it, no questions asked! But since I have to consider every purchase very carefully, and can only buy a couple of bags a year, I am really thinking hard on this one.
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  5. Does anyone know how many sizes does the Peek-A-Boo bag comes in?

    I heard there is this travel size weekenda that true?
  6. I think one size
    its a V. nice bag
    but I'd rather put the bags money on a birkin :P
  7. thanks rozee, i have birkins looking for some new bags...and i dont want to look identical everytime when i use birkins
  8. I think there are two sizes - I only saw the larger size one which is big enough for a weekend bag.
  9. I think this would make a lovely travel bag -- such pretty detailing and great structure!
  10. I will go to Europe next week and plan to get Fendi Peek a boo, I just want to know that peek a boo will go on sale or not? Also need the price for peek a boo black leather in medium size in GBP and Euro.

    Thank you in advance :biggrin:
  11. i just bought this tonight from harvey nics UK for 50%! that is all i know
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  12. harvey nics has fendi bags and its on sale?? How much did u get that for?
    Any idea what other range on sale?
  13. Hi..I don't think that harvey ncs has fendi..!!
    I can not find nothing about fendi in harvey..
  14. Hey yeah lots of the patent cosmetic pouches.. Baguette in patent pink i saw. I cant really remember the rest!! and Im a newbie to Fendi even if i remembered what there was I couldnt tell u the name, lol! i was too hyped that i found the peek a boo :smile: ran to the cash desk after that!

    i got it for 605 GBP. From 1210.. but i believe that Selfridges are selling it for a different price.. i think the last time i asked the SA it was 1485 in selfridges.

    hope that helps.
  15. They do in Our Harvey Nics. It depend i think! Like Selfridges some dont have LV CHANEL HERMES FENDI some do..