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  1. #3541 Aug 3, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
    Hey Ladies,
    I got my nappa mini about 4 months ago and I’ve gotten really bad corner wear. I always keep my bags off the floor and am conscious about it banging on walls/people when I wear it.
    Have you guys experienced this before? Would Fendi be able to do something about this?

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  2. This doesn't look bad at all! I have a Jimmy Choo messenger which has similar corner wear despite me being careful not to rub the corners against anything. It's the nature of soft leather, and it is part of normal wear and tear.

    I think Fendi offers a "spa" service for its bags if you bought them from the boutique, and they may be able to restore the edges. An easier fix is actually using a small bit of black shoe polish (not too much or else it smears everywhere) and then buffing it out to match the rest of the leather. Your bag will look brand new after the shoe polish. Just beware that the shoe polish can transfer (it is not permanent) and if you wear the bag with a white dress, it may get on your dress.
  3. I have had a mini nappa leather peekaboo since October 2018, and I have a very similar corner wear situation to yours. It is normal wear and tear, because the leather is soft. The good news is it won't get much worse. You can bring the bag to the Fendi Spa when it needs a refurbishment, after a few years of use.
    For comparison: I have had a Hermes Birkin for 5 years, in clémence leather and while the leather is very durable, the corner wear started to show after 4 months of use. It is unavoidable on any leather, and no matter how careful you are with your bags.
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  4. Hi friends. Thinking to get my first peekaboo. Which one you think is better ? Both pre loved and in Selleria. Beige or grey? Please suggest

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  5. I like the beige more
  6. So u think is it still fine that bag is 3-4 years old but hardly worn ? She wants 1900$ for it. Grey one is way cheaper 700$. Both looks authentic?
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  8. They're both really pretty. I hope for you that they are able to be authenticated :smile:
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  9. Me too. For beige she replied fake but seller sent me all tags and hologram sticker. So I’m really confused.
  10. I am not a Fendi authenticator. I only authenticate Dior bags. I simply meant the beige colour looks better in my opinion, but if the bag is fake, then do not get it.
    I trust the authenticators here on TPF. Tags and hologram do not mean that a bag is fake or authentic. There are many more details that we authenticators look for to come up with our assessment.
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  11. Thank u so much.
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  12. oh my god, i wanted to use my Selleria and I realised that silver tag inside the bag has tarnished ! Has anyone experienced this before ?

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  13. This is completely normal, and is a hallmark of an authentic Fendi Selleria leather bag, because only such bags have a real silver plaque inside.

    The plaque inside my Peekaboo hasn't oxidized yet, although I keep the plastic film that it came with intact so it doesn't contact the air directly.
  14. Ironically my plastic film was on it as well :P does Fendi help to like polish it off or something ?