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  1. Do you like heavily-embellished bags? If you do, and you like the pattern of the flowers, then this can be for you. But if you just want a regular Peekaboo bag, then I wouldn't start with this one.
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  2. Hi everyone! Do you think the Peekaboo will stay? I really love the simplicity of it and thinking of getting one for work. But I don't see it on other online retailers anymore, does it mean it's beginning to phase out?
  3. I believe it’s more to do with it being their top end bag and exclusivity. It’s a beautiful bag regardless.
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  4. Depends on the material. The lambskin or aka napa leather does not but the selleria that I have does.
  5. Very interesting... doesn't that seem a bit contradictory? I mean the nappa types seem more delicate than pebbled leathers, from what I've gathered from owners of a Peekaboo.
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  6. Maybe the reason is the price point, because Selleria commands a higher price point?
  7. Hi all! I’m new to Fendi. I noticed that on the mini peekaboo, most of the front rectangle plate are placed lower near the stitch fold, but I noticed few of them are placed far up from the stitch. Is this just something that Fendi not consistent about? Or is it depending on what year and what colour? TIA!


  8. Not sure if this is related to the material or the individual that made the bag. My bag a mini selleria looks closer to the grey one vs the napa one above. I also think it may be how the photo or angle was taken. In person I have not noticed a huge difference in the positioning.
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  9. I believe it is just the positioning of the camera. But I agree these bags are handmade, they are predisposed to misalignments and deviations
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  10. I know that china makes excellent fakes, that when u bring those fakes to the boutiques, they can pass off as real. I've seen a fake bags reseller bragged that she carried a fake chanel to chanel boutique and she wasnt caught.

    The most epic story is that she sold a fake loewe puzzle to a customer, and the customer sent a testimony to her... that she spilled cough syrup inside the bag, and then she sent her fake puzzle bag to loewe boutique to get it cleaned. The loewe boutique took the bag and did a spa for her so be careful..
    I've followed this seller posts on instagram, she sells almost all brands frm ysl, chanel, fendi, dior and even hermes (many of her customers also reported that they brought their fake birkins n kellys to hermes boutique and all passed off as real)
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    I recently just got a selleria mini peekaboo. When i was deciding on the colour and leather, i've noticed that almost all of them are positioned very close to the stitching (about 2mm above the stitching), both the lamb and selleria at least. The one thing that bothered me though, was that the position of the rectangle plate was slightly slanted. Which i pointed out to the SA when she took out a few pieces for me to choose from. I told her that even at a glance, i already could tell that it was slightly slanted. I was deciding between a black and grey (both plates were slightly slanted too).. so when i finally decided on the black, i asked for a new piece, hoping that the plate wasnt slanted, which unfortunately was on one of the side. But i bought it anyway cause i really wanted the bag haha. The other SA told me that those bags are all handmade so it happens...
  12. ME!! I just saw it last week and I was IN LOVE! I love the leather as well, it's def not patent and reminds me of something between aged calfskin by Chanel and patent. The pictures I took aren't great, but the bag looks stunning and expensive irl. I did note that it was just slightly heavier than the regular nappa mini peekaboos, perhaps due to the extra bit of gold hardware as well as the nature of the leather. Not significantly heavier but noticeable.
  13. Can you tell m how you are enjoying your mini peekaboo? I’m looking at it also in the Selleria black leather. Do you find it hard to open and get anything out of it? THX
  14. Can anyone who owns the mini peekaboo in Selleria leather in black and the gunmetal grey colors if the entire inside of the bag is lined or is it just partially lined. I saw a black mini and it was partially lined in a dark tan, cognac color and I thought I saw a gunmetal color that was fully lined in a very light beige color. Trying to decide which color I want and if the bag is supposed to be entirely lined. THX
  15. Thank you for posting these!! Very helpful! I am interested in the larger (regular) size rather than a mini, but the leather would be the same. It looks great, still very much considering this bag, I just wish it had feet.