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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. I’m thinking about the black one, so glad to hear you like it. Wondering if anyone knows if it’s easy to get the black Selleria mini peekaboo at the Paris airport. My husband will be returning to US from a business trip to Spain and has a 2 hour layover in Paris. Anyone know if this is an easy bag to find at the airport and also about what the price might be. THX so much!
  2. I also have the black selleria and yes it is partially lined. This is by far my fav bag from my
    collection. This mini holds so much! I shined a flashlite in so could see the stitching. I loved the black because of the light brown interior the most.
    IMG_1417.JPG IMG_4706.JPG
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  3. Thank you so much for the pics. It looks beautiful! I’m so happy you are enjoying it. Do you find it hard to open and get in and out of it? Did you purchase it from a boutique? THX
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  4. I purchased at a boutique inside Saks in Phoenix about a month ago. There were only 20 black selleria bags in the US so I had them pull one to Phoenix as I'd seen the medium peekaboo in that color and then tried the mini. Initially when I saw the mini I thought it was so small but then I put all my items in and was shocked at what it would hold. I don't really close the top and it's super easy to get to my items and put in and out. I've already bought a defender and another strap for the bag since I was using as frequently as I was.
    IMG_6895.JPG IMG_8886.JPG
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  5. Wow, it really does hold a lot. I don’t keep much in my bags. I’m currently using a souple saint Laurent sac de jour in the baby size, which is a bit larger then the Fendi mini and I love using it. I have that one in red, so this Fendi would be a nice compliment in black. I also use a Chloé small Marcie satchel that I love. Also have that one in black. Thought of selling it, as it’s fairly new, but love that one too. Decisions. THX again for your pics. It helps.
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  6. My ideal purchase would be a Peekaboo Mini in black, with discreet lining (i.e. no monsters, animal prints, bold colours, Zucca etc) - maybe pequin at most - and with the middle partition hardware bar in the exposed mixed metal version. Meaning silver tone partition bar with gold tone screws. Does this even exist? I LOVE the mixed metal look of the silver and gold tone version, and the sharpness of the naked metal against the smooth leather. But so far I've only seen this in the bigger sized bags.

    Like this, but mini in nappa... Am I wasting my time?

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  7. Peekaboo owners-- I asked this in a separate topic but didn't get a reply, but I'd like to know:
    Do you store your peekaboo upright with the turnlocks open or closed? I've been storing mine stuffed but I couldn't find any info on whether I should close the turnlocks to help the peekaboo retain its shape better.
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  9. I dont own a peekaboo, YET! But if i would, i would store it lying down on its back in a dustbag (inspired from recommendations on how to store Hermes Kelly and Birkin), but im not sure about having the turnlock closed or open. Does it matter? Maybe its good to have it closed so that the front and back of the bag will stay in the expected position place, if open it maybe can get in the wrong position?
    Any other pointers on this?
  10. I've seen them stored upright in the closets and storage rooms at the boutiques. I think the locks are not closed because the bag is stuffed with paper.
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  11. Thank you! Then that's probably the way to go.
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  12. Hi guys, i asked this in the Fendi chit chat thread with no response...hopefully, I’ll get one there do you guys know of a reputable authenticator for Fendi? I have a mini peekaboo that I’m wanting to get authenticated. I’m currently waiting from our awesome authenticators here but I figured I can get a second opinion while I wait thank you!!
  13. Hi, I am getting this bag in a few days. I have not seen IRL, but I do know even the mini size has feet. Here's a few images of a couple of models carrying it at fashion week with a larger strap you, and a girl carrying it with the included thin strap, which is very sexy.

    Attached Files:

  14. Hi Anesthestia! I was wondering if could tell us more about the durability of the leather in your opinion? Does it seem as sturdy as the Nappa or more delicate even? I found the Nappa to be fairly easy to carry, but obviously not as rugged as the pebbled selleria. I've never had anything in the aged calfskin.
  15. I feel like it would be more durable than Nappa, but I don't know about the pebbled selleria (probably equally sturdy or more sturdy than the pebbled selleria). Since it's slightly 'glazed' looking, it seems like it wouldn't get marks or show marks as easily as Nappa does, and wrinkles or other marks etc all look normal and blended into the material itself. If you find the Nappa fairly easy to carry, I'd say that this material is even more so.